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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aravinda's father Sam De Silva passes away

My father lived like a rock – Aravinda:
“My father never gave me or my sister (Araliya) any fish, he just tought us how to fish” thats how former Sri Lanka skipper Aravinda de Silva explained his father’s approach in life.

“In his sixty years on this earth I do not think he even took a Panadol, until we discovered his killer decease – Cancer. By the time we did so it was too late.

“He was always like a rock in his statue, but, very gentle in his deeds. He even bought land for our domestics and settled them in their lives.” added the ex-Sri Lanka cricketer.

However what moved Aravinda the most was a note left for his son Sampras by Sam at his death bed. It read -- “Profit, loss, prosperity, adversity, health, illness, praise and disgrace. – if you can face all this like a rock without shaking like a rock in a storm you are a great man.

One little plea from the former great Lankan cricketer who guided his nation to that memorable World Cup victory. “Please do not send any flowers, if at all make all donations to the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama. You also can put your donations into the till that is kept in our residence for that purpose”.

Sam leaves his wife Indrani along with his son Aravinda and daughter Araliya and grand children – Satya and Sampras. Remains will be at 85/5, Sri Dhammadara Mawatha, Ratmalana till Monday.


Anonymous said...

Sam was my father`s elder sister`s son,we called him "SamAiya". Today my dad Willie. J and Sam both passed away. SamAiya called my dad" Willie Mama", and both were master minds of money makers. Today I honor this man(Sam) because, in 1970 I just finished my G.C.E(OL) and wanted to find a small job with out completing higher studies ,being as my dad was a multi millioner at that time who was capable of undertaking the expences for educating me for a better life. A long story in short, I requested Sam Aiya to set up a small job for me, but he shouted me and chased me out saying in "Sinhala" "Modayo umbage thaththata onatharam salli thiyanawa umbata ehalata ugannana, umbata penawa neda mage ayo podi job walata gihilla than windina duk, pissek wenne nethiwa egenaganin"(Fool your dad can spend for your studies,take as an example of my sibilings who did not think about the life and what hardship today they have ,open your eyes and do higher studies").This man`s very humble advice very rarely we can find in close relations, with out jeolus completely changed my direction and made me to finally climb up the top of my career in Srilanka as a General Manager of a leading financial organization and lastly settle down in United States Of America as a citizen and build up my generation in the richest country of the world.

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