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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clark says Malinga 'good for the game'

Australian fast bowler Stuart Clark has backed Sri Lanka's controversial "slinger" Lasith Malinga who was surprisingly overlooked for the first cricket test at the Gabba.

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Journalist from 'Down Under' including those from NZ can be trigger happy with the word 'controversial' when it comes to an uncommon bowling action or a Sri Lankan bowler.

How is Malinga controversial I ask? What are these controversies that surround him? Different doesn't necessarily mean illegal or controversial.

It's a shame that Australia and New Zealand don't have naturally talented cricketers who aren't coached and groomed from the under 12 level.

Malinga is a product of playing soft ball cricket on the golden sandy beaches in the southwest coast of Sri Lanka.

It is said that he was discovered playing cricket on the shores of Galle beach; Champaka Ramanayake must have had a role to play in this. Champaka has been doing a stellar job with Sri Lanka's up & coming pacemen.

I recall many of my 'August School Holidays' were spent on the ramparts of the Galle Fort
watching Champaka Ramanayake playing softball cricket. My pater's brother resided within the fort and we were his 'problem' for a month or so every summer.

Discovering Malinga isn't a big deal, it was Ramanayake's incredibly good judgement when it came to leaving Malinga's action well alone that must be commended.

Australia and New Zealand with their emphasis on coaching and in their hopes of creating the perfect cricketer are doing away with natural raw talent and skill. What drove the great West Indian team of the 80's to new heights at the time? Natural flair, Something that cannot be coached and incredibly silly to deem as controversial.

Malinga must feel alot better now that he has Clark's approval.


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