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Sunday, November 25, 2007

England hit with injury woes?

So why the question mark at the end of title? Well a 'back spasm' and a 'sore ankle' hardly seem like injuries to me.

Forgive me if I'm being too brash but cricketers these days are the biggest pansies around. Soccer players who earn a lot more for a living play far more aggressively in the wettest, muddiest outfields. Cricketers on the other hand cant set foot on a field that has a few drops of water.

Sometimes in life you need to brush it off and grab the initiative. Ask Marvan he knows; Marvan Atapattu took some time off for back surgery as the captain of Sri Lanka. When he returned he couldn't find a spot in the team with his replacement Mahela doing a remarkable job.

Regardless of fitness very rarely do bowlers these days last to the age of 30, complaining of a sore ankle and a little niggle in your back is just eating a way at your career.

Dilhara Fernando who is suffering from an ankle injury will be playing this upcoming first test. A quick anti- inflammatory injection in Australia and the man is back in business.


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