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Friday, November 2, 2007

[FLASHBACK] Muttiah 'Murali' Muralitharan 700th Test Wicket | 2007

Critics will grumble about Murali's good fortune at playing Bangladesh and Zimbabwe so regularly. Indeed, it is true that approximately 25% of his victims have come from these two minnows. But Murali would also have enjoyed Warne's volume of matches against England, a team against whom he has been equally prolific. In any case, his 26 wickets in this series is now par for the course considering the fact that he raced from 600 to 700 in just 12 matches: an average haul of 8.33 wickets per Test against opposition that includes Pakistan (2 Tests), England (3 Tests), South Africa (2 Tests), New Zealand (2 Tests) and Bangladesh (3 Tests). His wicket-taking was no more prolific against Bangladesh than it was against the rest. - Charlie Austin, Cricinfo


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