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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shane Warne | How England can avoid falling under the spell of Muttiah Muralitharan the magician

Times Online: Sometime in the first Test that starts in Kandy on Saturday, I expect Muttiah Muralitharan to take the five wickets he needs to go past my world record of 708 Test victims. Hopefully, England will make him work for them, but once I retired, I knew it was only a matter of time before Murali passed me. In fact, I think he will reach the magical figure of 1,000 wickets.

As I look back, I am happy I got to be top of the tree for three or four years..

Wait, was this not about how England should play Murali? What's Warnie on about this time?

Reading thus far into his Column entry for the Times Online all i can gather is a little bit of sorrow and remorse for his record being broken.

As I continue to read through I find that he is ever keen on seeing his arch rivals the poms keep Murali - a fellow bowler who he claims to be best mates with, away from his precious record.

It's about time Warnie realised that 708 test scalps is no big feat. Another quality bowler will achieve that with the number of tests being played these days.

Where as Murali's eventual tally will take some beating. Warne may well end up 3 or 4 down on the list of all time wicket takers in as soon as 20 years.


elise said...

People think Australians are sore about Murali getting the record... I wont speak for everyone but I can say, I think it's a great thing and now he's got it, I want to see him get to 1000 (not when he plays against Aust though haha)!!! I met him when they played in Hobart recently and he was such a graceful, humble man!! I still barracked for Australia when the game was on, but we sat with some Lanka supporters and had a great time ribbing each other (in fun)... In fact, it was the best game EVER!

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