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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tips and Tricks | Constantly buffering video

On Dial-up?

For starters Streaming video and a Dial-Up Internet connection WONT work. This site is best viewed with a High speed/ Broadband Internet connection such as Cable/DSL/T1/Satellite.

The data can't be transferred to your computer fast enough for online videos to play correctly. You will have to live with it UNTIL you get a broadband connection. Faster Internet speed allows the video packets to be downloaded to your computer and played smoother.

On Broadband?

At the average work place many terminals share a single High speed connection. It is also quite possible that your server has Bandwidth throttling enabled which will limit how it transmits to the terminals, might be worth having a chat with your systems administrator.

Regardless of your connection speed there will be times the video may buffer due to high demand. Remember there are thousands of others trying to view the same video at that precise moment.

All Internet connections fluctuate in available bandwidth. If you are experiencing persistent problems, a simple trick is to click on 'Play' (as you would normally do to watch the video) and watch the status bar of the video player. It will display something similar to a progress meter. Click 'Pause' on the player and wait till the video is completely downloaded and then hit 'Play' to playback in seamless and clear quality.


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