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Sunday, November 18, 2007

[Video] Chamara Silva | performance portfolio

Known for his stroke play and quick eye Chamara's story is yet another fairytale in our homegrown drama series titled 'selection disasters'.

Silva with limited first class experience behind him made his ODI debut at the age of 18. There was so much talk of his ability and skill but being able to swim and swimming with sharks is two entirely different things.

Sri Lanka asked too much too soon of the young player and as per the norm in anything in Sri Lanka he was dropped, discarded and forgotten.

Until Tom moody over looking a Sri Lankan A squad match noticed Silva's dashing batting and inquired "Who is this bloke and why is he not playing for Sri Lanka again?"

Moody and Mahela placed serious faith in Silva and recalled him into the national squad after a hiatus of 10 years.

Silva was picked on the tour to New Zealand in 2006 in which he made his test debut.

Mahela later claimed that he had his heart in his mouth when Silva was dismissed for a 'pair'(scored 0 in both innings) playing his debut Test match.

Mahela and the selectors yet again placed faith in Silva and picked him for the second test in that same series despite his failure.

What came in the second Test was something special. Silva became the first man in cricket's history to score a century (152) after a pair on debut.

Silva has since justified his inclusion to the national squad despite loosing out on 10 crucial years of his career. The key factor in Silva's success is the role first class cricket played. I think its time SLC paid closer attention to our club cricket and premier trohpy and ensured players come through the ranks.

Selectors need to think with their heads not their hearts.


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