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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Video] Murali | Suffering in the name of spirit

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, it would be very cruel not to acknowledge Murali's resilience and remarkable strength in battling 12 years of adversity and scrutiny.

Murali has taken it all with a smile and let his bowling do the talking. He has utilised all available options including science to prove his innocence.

Now the critics call for some non existent technology that's far from reality. "Test him in live test match conditions" says Jenner and Warne. All this on the verge of Murali breaking Warne's record for the title of leading wicket taker in history.

Regardless of the truth and what's right and wrong, Warne chose to pick on the most sensitive topic in Murali's life and decided to hound him with it on the verge of his most special moment. This too after Warne went on record in 2004 to claim Murali is not a chucker. The true qualities of a great sportsman eh?

Many others have also played their part in making Murali's existence in cricket miserable. The International Cricket Council's inaugural 'team of the year 2004' selectors omitted Murali from a honorary XI. Muralidaran was left out of the honorary Test side chosen on performances in the 12 months - the period in which he became the most successful bowler in Test history.

Were the laws changed to accommodate Murali?

NO, The tolerance levels had been set at five degrees for spinners, seven-and-a-half for medium-pacers, and 10 for quick bowlers, a scenario that had invited much criticism from past greats like Ian Chappell. But the study conducted by three prominent bio mechanics experts suggests that the human eye can only detect a kink in the action if the straightening is more than 15 degrees.

The trio used cameras shooting at 250 frames per second - ten times the speed of a TV camera - to illustrate phenomena like 'adduction' and hyper extension which can convince an observer watching without the aid of technology that the bowler is chucking.

Based on these findings, the ICC extended the tolerance limit to 15 degrees for all bowlers, regardless of whether they bowl at Shane Warne's pace or Shoaib Akhtar's.

Murali was born with a congenital deformity of the elbow and as a result he is unable to straighten his elbow. Murali's wrists are so supple that the back of his middle finger can touch the back of his forearm. His shoulder rotates in a 360 degree motion.

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Hilal said...

Share your thoughts on the matter in a civil manner. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic i will delete comments that come across as inflammatory, racist or defamatory.

Damith-TS said...

^Good work Hilal.

I know Murali is innocent but some ppl just cannot get over this.
See my problem is that they just cant accept defeat

When Hair initially called Murali he was tested and his action was scrutinised. When tested he was cleared. And then later the laws were changed and he tested himself on request of the ICC and on his own. He was cleared.

Now they make a big fuss saying the law was changed to accommodate Murali- when clearly the every report says that it was infact changed because the previous level was being breached by nearly all the bowlers in the world.

Now the latest thing it to test him in match conditions. They will never give up. They will always think of ways to discredit Murali and his achievements.

I used to respect Jenner because he was Warnes mentor and the man who helped Warne become who he was as a cricketer.

I used to also respect Bedi , who was one of the best spinners to come out of India.

Unfortunately this is not the case for me any more as these two men have proved beyond a doubt that they are of a lesser standard of the human form.

Anonymous said...

Arjuna Ranatunga what a best!! "You are in charge of this..I am in charge of the grounds ok!!??" One of the greatest moments in Cricket history - took Sri Lanka from Bangladesh,zimbabwe-ish minnows to an International Cricket team.

Anonymous said...

Most people can't accept murali's achievements...he's a world class bowlers...only australians and few other people who against murali...cmon! he have been checked in every possible way...he have photographed from all angles he shoulder rotation is perfect...shane warne is a good bowler but i would say if refferal system was there from early days his 700 would become 400...hes a cheater...he appeals for everytin gets his wickets...Well let see what they says about Mendis some point of time they'll bring some to stop mendis as well...If we check all bowlers have somethig wrong in their bowling action...Eg; Harbhajan...

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