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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Warne's coach calls for public trial of Murali

The coach of cricket's record setter Shane Warne has called on the game's rulers to try potential record breaker Muttiah Muralitheran out in the open which he says would prove whether the Sri Lankan bowler has a legitimate or illegitimate action.

Terry Jenner, who has been with Warne during a major part of the Australian spinner's career contends that the only way Muralitheran could go down in history as the world's best slow bowler was for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to scrutinize the Sri Lankan during a match situation.

"If Muralitheran is going to be the greatest bowler of all time, if he is going to take the record off Shane Warne who is 100 percent legitimate, then test him (Muralitheran) in the field of play", Jenner told the local media here on Sunday.

While complimenting Muralitheran for disregarding his former captain Arjuna Ranatunga's advice to turn his back on the current Australian tour, Jenner said that a public testing is not beyond the ICC's means and is the only legitimate way.

"If the ICC tests him in a Test match situation and he comes up below the 15 degree figure (the maximum flex range for spinners) then we can all sit back and rejoice in what we watch", said Jenner. "I don't care whether they test him in Brisbane or Colombo, let's just test him under pressure when he is most likely to reach his ultimate point of flexion".

Jenner, a former leg-spinner, claims that testing bowlers for legitimate actions in a laboratory enables the bowler to either "stage" or act his part.

In contrast to Jenner's remarks, Warne's former team-mate Michael Slatter believes that Muralitheran has a legitimate action after watching him bowl a variety of deliveries in a video analysis three years ago.

"Muralitheran proved to me that day without any doubt he does not throw", said Slater.

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Hilal said...

I wonder how uptodate Jenner is when it comes to ALL the tests done on Murali thus far. I feel this yet another ploy to just upset Murali on the verge of greatness.

Jenner should consider paying close attention to channel 9's super slow motion coverage of Murali's action. His arm rotates 360 degrees with no jerk or felxation above 15 degrees. The optiocal illsuion of a jerk was proven in the late 90's, only if Jenner kept himself updated with current affairs.

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