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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cricket at the Olympics

AFP: the International Olympic Committee has granted Cricket the status of a "recognised sport".

The IOC said on Monday that cricket was accorded this status for two years, usually granted to sports that are not part of the Olympic programme but conform to its ideals of youth promotion and anti-doping policies.

Cricket could receive permanent status in 2009 and then will be eligible to be part of the Olympics, as it was in the 1900 Paris Games.

"Our goal has been to become an international federation that is recognised by the IOC and we are pleased to have achieved this target," said Mali.

"We want to play an active role in the Olympic Movement and we will be looking at ways in which we can work with the IOC for the benefit of cricket, sport and society in general.

"Cricket last featured in the Olympic Games in 1900. Maybe one day it will be right for cricket to return to the Olympic programme."

In the Paris Games, Britain -- represented by a touring side called the Devon and Somerset Wanderers -- beat a French team mainly made up of members of the British Embassy.

Cricket was last seen at a major multi-sport event at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, but was dropped for the next two editions in England and Australia. It is likely that Twenty20 cricket, the shortest format of the game, will be played at the 2010 Asian Games in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.


Anonymous said...

Wait too long and baseball and golf will be ahead, in the Olympics and globally. The cricket world has to ensure it happens in 2012 or it won't happen.Nearly half the world's population plays cricket and England is the birhplace of the sport-Support's campaign to get cricket into the 2012 Olympics

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