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Monday, December 17, 2007

It's time for cricket to stamp out Murali-bashing

"Australian supporters have been taking the law into their own hands. Murali's action has been more closely scrutinised than fingerprints at a murder scene. Each time he has passed muster.

Others have been condemned, including Johan Botha — or at least his doosra, a delivery that is really a back-chuck.

Not only has Murali survived the examination of scientists, he has also impressed members of the Australian cricket community, not least Channel Nine's new and distinguished commentators, Michael Slater and Mark Nicholas.

Both have watched Murali bowl at close quarters with a brace on his arm. Moreover, Murali flew to England to undertake the test.

In any event it hardly matters what locals think because the issue has been settled.

No man can spend his entire life on trial. Sooner or later a decision must be taken by the appointed powers, whereupon it must be accepted.

Beyond doubt Murali is a freak, a man whose arms cannot fully straighten and whose elbows rotate prodigiously."

- Writes Peter Roebuck for The Age 2006


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