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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kumar Sangakkara tops ICC Rankings

Last Updated after: India v Pakistan Test, 04 December, 2007

Sangakkara has over thrown Ricky Ponting as the number one ranked batsman in the world. Since the launch of the ICC rankings system this is the first time a Sri Lankan batsman and a bowler has held the number 1 spot; Murali has secured the top position in the bowler's rankings for years.

This may well be the first instance two players representing the same nation have held pole position.


UpulBD said...

This is absolutely awesome people. Thanks Hilal for dedicating some space for this on your cpntent-rich site. Our guys back on the island should take a huge mental boost from the fact that two Lankans are leading the way in Tests! I feel the batting is currently a little weak (for test match endurance) aside from the acaptain and vice captain. Tharanga and Vandort really need to establish themselves as a Test opening partnership by consistently getting 70 + partenerships. Can't wait to see the next generation but man, we sure as hell are going to miss Marvan and Sanath.

Hilal said...

It's important to note that most of our batting failures are a direct result of the number 4 batsman and the middle order being exposed to the new ball an hour or two into our innings.
We made 400+ against the Poms in the 1st test largely due to the start our openers gave.
This is a clear sign that in order for our batting to survive the openers MUST do their jobs. SLC should have invested in 2 openers and given them an extended run in test cricket. Now the poms will have two inexperienced openers as sitting ducks in the 2nd test with no sanath around.

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