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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lasith Malinga by Dominic Sansoni

I came across the photo on Dominic Sansoni's Blog. Lasith is seen here posing with Sansoni's son Sebastian.

Sansoni is sheer class, even on a shot as simple as this he managed to take the 'perfect shot' see how the red and yellow on the shirt fuse with the background!


Dominic Sansoni said...

Thank you, I really appreciate your comment re my photograph. I do wish you would respect copyright AND NOT use someones photograph without asking them first. Please read the copyright notice on my blog.
My best wishes

Hilal said...

Hello Dominic,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog. My sincere apologies on not obtaining prior permission in regards to usage rights. I attempted to contact you via your Blog; however neither your contact details nor an email was available. I also created a user account on in an attempt to purchase this image however it was not available for sale or immediate purchase. You may verify my user name (Hilal) on ‘threeblindmen’ created over 24 hours ago.

I am publishing and replying to your comments as the only way to reach you. Please feel free to click on the ‘contact Hilal’ on the right sidebar of my Blog to correspond via email with me. I will take the post down if you require me to do so.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Mr Sansoni your arrogance is baffling you should be honoured to have your photo featured on such a popular site. Your son is a cricket fan as well right? One day he will appreciate his photo here and will stumble upon your comments. This site is a service to all Sri Lankans it's bigger than you and me. - Laura

Dominic Sansoni said...

Hello Anonymous (or is it Laura?),

If you took time to read my comment and subsequent post by Hilal, you might understand what I protesting about; Copyright. Hilal did understand and was kind enough to offer to remove it if I so wished. Very decent of him and I appreciate what he did. Hilal cleared the use of picture with me and I was then happy to let him use the image on his site. Copyright is Copyright.
Have a great day.

Hilal said...

My apologies for not addressing this sooner. Laura, I must admit that I'm 100% behind Dominic on this one. He is correct, everyone must adhere to to intellectual property rights. If not for the kind consideration of broadcasters worldwide this Blog would not exist.

Sarath said...

To the photo hilal give to the best credit to mr. sansoni. if hilal take to the credit for this foto then copyright is involved.

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