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Friday, December 14, 2007

Monsoon threatens third Test washout

"The make-up of Michael Vaughan's bowling attack and the chances of it taking the 20 wickets it requires to level the Test series here will be the least of the worries facing the England team and its supporters in Sri Lanka during the build-up to Tuesday's final Test.

Monsoon rain accompanied the England team as they travelled from Colombo to Galle yesterday, turning the venue for the third Test into a quagmire. At the ground water pumps were attempting to remove huge pools of water from the outfield and areas set aside for spectators, and with further heavy rain forecast for the next few days, there must be genuine doubts that the arena and its surroundings will be fit to host an international match." Writes Angus Fraser for The Independent.


Antony said...

No point starting a test match under such circumstances...

Let the rains come down and put the pumps aside... Let's organise a a fun game of water polo or rugger!

Or for the cricket enthusiasts: Why not convert it into a Twenty20 series on days when the field is suitable for play?

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