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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Streaker arrested by police

An English fan has been arrested in Colombo for streaking during the 1st days play in the second Test match.

The man ran naked across the ground and managed to get off the ground after showing off his genitalia to 6000 other predominantly male spectators; He will now be spending a night with others who may be more interested in his 'wares'.


Harry Potter said...

Haaaaa shame i didn't see it on of my friends went to watch the match haaaa he's lmao at that there were 2 it seems and they ran all the way to the pitch AHAHHAHAHAHAHA
typical pommies they are tonked... :P
wonder what Bumble said i love his commentry lol

Andrew said...

my mate ...wowzers what a legend!

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