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Sunday, December 2, 2007

[Video] Waltz Sangakkara

Browsing through youtube I stumbled across this tune for Sangakkara themed around the aussie anthem "Waltzing Matilda". Kudos to the bloke who produced and uploaded this.

Verse 1:
Once upon a test match, that many said was long-a-gone
Under the sun of a hostile Aussie
A man sang as he watched and waited till the bowler bowled
"Who'll come a-Waltz Sangakkara with me?"

Verse 2:
Down came Stuey Clark to send him back to the shed,
Down waltzed sanga and smacked him with glee,
And he sang as he watched that red ball sail across the fence
"You'll come a-Waltz Sangakkara, with me".

Chorus 1:
Waltz Sangakkara, Waltz Sangakkara
Don't stop ya-Waltz Sangakkara, today
Who's that trundling in - just hit him for a six or four
Don't stop ya-Waltz Sangakkara, today.

Verse 3:
Down across the wicket, things weren't going oh so well,
Out went the batsmen, one, two, three,
But Sanga stayed and fought back, while the team fell all around
Who'll come a-Waltz Sangakkara, with him.

Chorus 2:
Waltz Sangakkara, Waltz Sangakkara
Don't stop ya-Waltz Sangakkara, today
All alone you might well be, but fight on till the day is done
Don't stop ya-Waltz Sangakkara, today

Verse 4:
Up came a boucer and hit him on shoulder but,
"You'll waltz no more" said the umpire Rudi
And his cause may be lost but forever will this game be known
Who'll come a-Waltz Sangakkara today?

(Repeat Chorus 3)


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