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Thursday, January 31, 2008

[Video] Murali Magic Vs New Zealand | 2006/07

Murali spins his magic on kiwi soil. He continues to bamboozle the cricketing world and no batsman has really stood the test of time against this great man.

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[Video] Roshan Mahanama gives Ian Healy an earful

This was during the 95/96 tour of Australia. The Sri Lankans had complained on numerous occasions that the Australian sledging was getting out of hand.

Replays clearly show the ball hitting the bat first; the Australian's Warne and Healy especially were masters at breaking the batsman's concentration and 'buying' wickets through sledging and intimidation.

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[Video] Stumped off a fast bowler!

Brian Charles Lara Stumped: Sangakkara Bowled: Vaas

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sri Lankan Lions Roar in Bankstown

A crowd in excess of 3500 Bankstown and Sydney cricket fans were treated to a rare feast of cricket talent when the Sri Lanka national side played the Bankstown Grade side in a charity match at Bankstown Memorial Oval on Sunday 27th January 2008.

Painted faces, flags, spicy curries and brilliant sunshine combined in a memorable sporting and community day for the City of Bankstown as part of its Australia Day weekend celebrations. While the cricket was of the highest standard the day was also about having fun and many thousands of dollars were raised in aid of the Foundation of Goodness and Hope charity which is supported by many leading Sri Lankan cricketers. During the lunch break Alston Koch, well known Sri Lankan entertainer now living in Melbourne, launched his music CD titled “Murali” a tribute song to the world’s leading wicket taker which is currently Number 1 on the South Asia Top 40 while hundreds of fans danced the ‘Baila’ a traditional Sri Lankan dance on the ground during the lunch interval.

On the cricket side of things the visitors were led by Mahela Jayawardene who won the toss and elected to bat first on a magnificent wicket prepared by curator Warwick Starr. Despite some lively pace bowling from Bankstown duo Aaron Bird and Scott Thompson the Sri Lankan openers Upal Tharanga and Sanath Jayasuryia got Sri Lanka away to a half century opening stand before Brett Van Deinsen had Tharanga well caught by Pat Darwen for 22. Jayasuryia continued to attack the bowling before he was bowled by Van Deinsen for 48. Solid performances in the middle order by Chamara Silva (58 no) Kumar Sangakkara (35) and the hard hitting Jayawardene (28) saw the tourists reach 9 – 274 off their 50 overs. All the Bankstown bowlers toiled relentlessly in the searing heat with Van Deinsen the pick with 2-18, while veteran spin bowler David Freedman thrilled the crowd when he dismissed Sangakkara who is currently the number one rated batsman in the world, with a beautifully disguised wrong-un.

The Bankstown run chase got away badly when superstar Chaminda Vaas angled a lightning delivery through Dean Magee’s defence before the locals had troubled the scorers! Solid innings from Scott Thompson (36) and Corey Richards at the top of the order put the locals back into the match but the loss of Van Deinsen and Skipper Danny Waugh for ducks left the locals well behind the pace. Fighting knocks of 19 from Pat Darwen, 31 from Aaron Bird and a hard hitting 40 from Darren Ettridge entertained the large crowd but the Bulldogs eventually succumbed to be all out for a respectable 207.

Following the match Mahela Jayawardene addressed the crowd with master of ceremonies (former Bankstown and Australian player) Len Pascoe and he congratulated the Bankstown Grade Cricket Club, Bankstown Sports Club and Bankstown City Council for taking the initiative to stage the match. Jayawardene said “the playing facilities were outstanding and only surpassed by the hospitality shown by the local volunteers. This match was very competitive and really helped us prepare for the Prime Minister’s XI match in Canberra on Wednesday”.

Bankstown Captain Daniel Waugh thanked the Sri Lankans for agreeing to play the match at a local venue and he was also enthusiastic in his praise of the facilities. Waugh told the crowd said “this is our home ground and we love it, but I’ve never seen it look better than today.” Waugh also praised the Club’s management and hard working volunteers who he said “proved they are just the best in the business!”

The Bankstown Club management also paid tribute to Bankstown Sports Club for providing staff and catering, Bankstown City Council for preparing the facilities to world class standard and Harry Solomons and Stephanie Coory from Kingsgrove Sports who did and enormous amount of behind the scenes work to engage the Sri Lankan community in the event.

Courtesy David Clifton, Bankstown District Cricket Club.

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[Video] Murali on The Channel 9 Cricket Show

Originally aired during the lunch break on day 4 of the 1st Test Vs Australia | 2007

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Sri Lanka set to unleash new weapon for CB series?

The 95/96 tour 'down under' will be not only remembered for Sanath's maiden century or Hair's 'no balling' of Murali, it was also the tour that Sri Lanka decided to unleash 'lil Kalu' as an opening batsman.

Tillekeratne Dilshan was dropped from Sri Lanka's Test tour to Australia in Nov/Dec of '07 citing concerns over his concentration, application and lack of form. Having being sent back to domestic cricket Dilshan chose to open the batting and what resulted was breathtaking!

In today's warm up match against the Australian Prime Minister's XI in Canberra, Dilshan walked in at the fall of the 1st wicket. This is a sign that the Lankan team management has plans of promoting Dilshan as an opener in the upcoming VB series. Sanath Jayasuriya spoke of this during the recently concluded Test series against the poms thus adding more certainty to this claim.

Dilshan remained not out 74 (81) with eight boundaries and a six to finish off the match.

Team Sri Lanka look likely to to play the 'Sri Lankan brand of Cricket' and will continue to breed dashing opening batsman for the future.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Muttiah Muralitharan | The ICC bowling report

Bowling Report — Mr.Muttiah Muralitharan

14 April 2004

Professor Bruce Elliott

Ms. Jacque Alderson

Ms. Siobhan Reid

Mr. Daryl Foster (Cricket Authority)


IN response to a request from the Sri Lankan Cricket Board, directed through Mr. Daryl Foster and the ICC (contact from Mr. David Richardson) Mr. Muttiah Muralitharan's spin bowling action was assessed in the Biomechanics Laboratory of the School of Human Movement and Exercise Science at the University of Western Australia. This request followed the match referee (Mr. Chris Broad) lodging a "suspect bowling action report" on his "doosra" delivery during the recent Australian tour of Sri Lanka. Testing was therefore restricted to analysis of his "doosra" delivery.

Mr. Muttiah Muralitharan arrived in Perth on 31st March 2004,

and his initial testing took place on Thursday the 1st of April. This testing comprised,

* an anthropometric assessment of his bowling arm

* a three-dimensional (3D) analysis of his bowing arm during the complete bowling action, although elbow angles are only reported from a position where the upper arm is horizontal to the ground until ball release (the area covered by the laws of the game). This involved filming Mr. Muralitharan using a 12-camera opto-reflective Vicon system operating at 250Hz (fields per

The testing occurred in a laboratory environment, which permitted a full bowling run up, such that a portion of the pitch was housed outside the laboratory. A laterally (side) placed video camera recorded his images during delivery to assist in the identification of ball release. A front-on video camera was used to assist in the selection of the best `"doosra" deliveries.' Mr. Bruce Yardley, a former Australian spin bowler, who commented on the quality of each delivery, also assisted this task. He had been present in Sri Lanka during the recent Test series and could therefore comment on the quality of the laboratory compared with on-field bowling. * His best six deliveries were then analysed. Those selected satisfied the criteria of breaking the appropriate way off the pitch and being bowled with appropriate intensity by the spin bowling expert. The results from this testing session were verbally providedto Mr. Muttiah Muralitharan and Mr. Daryl Foster. In an attempt to ensure that all efforts were made to comply with ICC Rules, Mr. Muttiah Muralitharan, following consultation with the UWA biomechanics testing team then underwent a period of `technique remediation' with Mr. Daryl Foster, a renowned cricket coach.

A final 3D analysis, following ICC guidelines was carried out on the 7th April. This report includes the results from both testing sessions. A preamble, prior to the presentation of these data is included, to assist with the interpretation of the results.


It is important when reading the following report that consideration is given to a number of issues. These include the accuracy of the measurement system used in bowling assessment (repeatability and validity of measures), range of acceptability of elbow angles in the critical region (from when the upper arm is parallel to the ground until ball release) and finally differences or similarities between fast and spin bowling actions.

Accuracy of measurement system

The opto-reflective 12 camera Vicon System that recorded at 250 pictures/Sec has an error margin of approximately 1-degree in data collection. On-field recording systems, using a minimum of 3 high-speed video cameras for spin bowling, have accuracy levels of approximately 4-degrees, although these error margins were recorded in a laboratory environment (Richards, 1999).

The identification of elbow and shoulder joint centres in on-field data collection, where a shirt is worn also involves large errors. In a match the ability to differentiate anatomical movements such as "elbow extension" by digitising segment end-points, particularly if you have segment rotations, is extremely difficult and prone to error. This is certainly the case with spin bowlers. It is therefore not surprising that laboratory testing is preferred, particularly for spin bowlers, where an appropriate pitch length and run up can be structured. This is clearly the only way to test players, where data would be able to withstand scientific and therefore legal scrutiny.

Range of acceptability of elbow angles

The International Cricket Council (ICC) guidelines have been structured around fast bowling, so ranges of acceptability (10-degree — fast bowling; 5-degree spin bowling) may in fact need to be modified for spin bowling. Portus et al. (2003), the only published work in the area of changes of

elbow angle during fast bowling, suggested the ICC range of acceptability should be increased to 15 degrees if a large number of current fast bowlers are not to be subject to scrutiny and then remediation (none have been called for "throwing"). The logic in reducing the margin for fast bowlers compared with spin bowlers is based on the lower speed delivery of this classification of
bowler. However, while run up speed and length of arm are generally higher for fast bowlers, spinners such as Muttiah Muralitharan actually have a similar rotational speed of the arm system. Mr. Muralitharan recorded a similar time (=0.08s), from arm horizontal to release, to that recorded by Shabbir Ahmed Khan the Pakistan fast bowler recently tested by this team. Therefore a case can certainly be made for some spin bowlers such as Mr. Muralitharan to have the same range of acceptability in elbow angle to that of fast bowlers.


Mr.Muttiah Muralitharan Normal
Wrist flexion-extension 78 deg flexion, 50 deg extension Not applicable
Wrist abduction - adduction 26 deg abduction, 26 deg abduction Not applicable
Forearm abduction angle ("carry angle") 18 deg 0 deg
Elbow flexion - extension *Static 35 deg (flex) Dynamic 24 deg (fixed) 0 deg (full extension)
Shoulder internal rotation 68 deg 40 deg
Shoulder external rotation 102 deg 80 deg

* The dynamic value is the smallest flexion angle recorded while bowling (i.e. under load)

The anthropometry assessment clearly shows that Mr. Muralitharan has a natural 35 degrees of elbow flexion during standing, which during the delivery action (under load) reduces to a value of approximately 24 degrees. Therefore any biomechanical assessment of his bowling action must take this 24-degree angle into account. In practical terms this means that his elbow joint, depending on the load, will always display at least some flexion. His elbow abduction angle is also such that it displays a relatively large "carry angle".

Mr. Muralitharan's shoulder external rotation range is higher than normal, which allows him a greater range of motion during delivery. While this is an advantage in the development of speed, it also is a natural occurrence and does not therefore fall outside the bounds of human normality nor the rules of cricket. While this may be an advantage in bowling, it does not directly impact on the extension of the elbow.

However, the external rotation at the shoulder, combined with the 18-degree "carry angle" and 24-degree of permanent elbow flexion (see dynamic flexion above) will give the impression of "preparation for a throw". This is particularly true when the action is viewed in two-dimensions (e.g. television, or when observed by an umpire from a fixed position).


Mr. Muralitharan attended the biomechanics laboratory at the school of Human Movement and Exercise Science on April 1st 2004. The results from this initial testing session are presented below.

Session 1 Results:

Following a warm-up, markers were attached to Mr. Muralitharan as shown in Figure 1. The mean velocity of six deliveries selected for analysis was 64 km/hr. A mean elbow extension range of 14 degrees was recorded for these six "doosra" deliveries (Table1, Figure 2). The curves graphed in Figure 2 clearly show that each delivery was bowled with a similar action. One can then be confident that Mr. Muralitharan bowls with a similar action in his "doosra" delivery. While one could argue that this extension is acceptable it is outside the current extension threshold of 5 degrees set by the ICC. Hence a period of remediation followed aimed at reducing the level of elbow extension from upper arm horizontal to release.

Figure 1: Defining elbow flexion-extension axis (not reproducible).

Table 1: Mean Changes in elbow angle from upper arm horizontal to ball release (six deliveries)
Delivery type Range of Extension ( ) Speed (km/hr)
Doosra 14 deg (+ or - 2 deg) extension 65 (+ or - 3.0)

Figure 2: Elbow angle changes over the period from upper arm horizontal to ball release.


See attached Remediation Report (Mr Daryl Foster)


Following the period of remediation a second biomechanical analysis of Mr. Muralitharan's "doosra" delivery was conducted on the 7th April, 2004. The results from this testing session are presented below.

Session 2 Results:

The mean extension for the elbow from upper arm horizontal to ball release was 10.2 degrees (Table 2, Figure 3). Variations in the elbow extension curves (Figure 3) and the small standard deviation for the 6 deliveries (Table 2), show that each of these deliveries is very close to a 10-degree level. He therefore bowls with a consistent action.

His mean delivery speed of 72 km/hr, which is at the higher end of his "test match range" of 65-75 km/hr, shows that he was bowling with intensity in this laboratory environment. The spin bowling expert also testified to the fact that the deliveries analysed deviated in the appropriate manner with "venom". He rotated his upper arm from the horizontal to release in a mean time of 0.072s, which is quicker than in Test 1 and also quicker than the time taken to rotate through the same angle by Shabbir Ahmed Khan.

Table 2: Changes in elbow angle from upper arm horizontal to ball release
Delivery type Range of extension ( deg) Speed (km/hr) Match range (km/hr)
Doosra 10.2 deg (+or- 0.6 deg) extension 72 (+ or - 0.3) 65-75

Figure 3: Elbow angle changes over the period from upper arm horizontal to ball release following remediation.

Following remediation Mr. Muralitharan bowled with an increased flexion angle. However, the remediation had the effect of reducing elbow extension range from 14 degrees to 10 degrees. (See Figures 2 & 3)


In making recommendations regarding Mr. Muralitharan the following should be stated. While a full run up and standard pitch were used, data were collected in a laboratory environment. It is our considered opinion that this is the only way to record accurate and reliable 3D data of elbow

movement, particularly for spin bowling. The key to the issue with reference to a spin bowler, is the quality of the delivery and the rate of rotation of the upper arm. In our case Mr. Muralitharan produced high quality deliveries with an upper arm action that was similar in rotational speed to that of a fast bowler.

The mean time for his upper-arm to move from the horizontal to release in Testing session 2 (= 0.072s) was compared with the same movement recorded on video from the recent Sri Lanka vs Australia Test series. This video was provided by Mr. Muralitharan. While the positioning of cameras for data from the Test series was not ideal and video images were recorded at a slower rate (50 fps), it was evident that the time for the upper-arm to move from the horizontal
to release was similar for the Test series and the laboratory testing. Mean ball velocity at testing session 2 of 72 km/hr was also at the upper end of the range commonly reported for Mr. Muralitharan under Test conditions. We therefore contend that the bowling action recorded was similar to that used in a Test match.

A case may be made for Mr. Muralitharan's initial elbow extension to be acceptable at 14 degrees. Particularly, when one considers the speed of his arm rotation is similar to that of a fast bowler and the only scientific data related to fast bowling suggested an increase in the acceptable extension threshold from 10 degrees to 15 degrees (Portus et al., 2003).

However, the mean extension across 6 deliveries was outside current ICC guidelines for fast bowlers. For this reason a period of technique modification was carried out to reduce the level of elbow movement during the delivery of his "doosra". Following this remediation his level of elbow extension reduced to 10 degrees, which is within fast bowling guidelines. We contend that because the speed of his upper arm rotation is as fast and in some cases quicker than fast bowlers, his level of acceptability for elbow extension should also be set at the 10-degree mark. With no spin bowling data base to make a comparison, this would seem both a wise and prudent recommendation. Following the findings from Portus et al. (2003) we would also recommend that the ICC consider increasing the fast bowling extension threshold to 15 degrees.

Finally it is our considered opinion that Mr. Muralitharan be permitted to continue bowling his "doosra" at least until a valid data base is collected on the various spin bowling disciplines. The relatively minor level of elbow extension following remediation over the period from arm horizontal torelease is not believed to give Mr. Muralitharan an unfair advantage overbatsmen or other bowlers.

Professor Bruce Elliott Ms Jacque Alderson


Portus, M., Mason, B., Rath, D. & Rosemond, C. (2003). Fast bowling arm actions and the illegal delivery law in men's high performance cricket matches. Science and Medicine in Cricket. R. Stretch, T. Noakes & C. Vaughan (Eds.), Com Press, Port Elizabeth, South Africa: 41-54. Richards, J. (1999). The measurement of human motion. A comparison of commercially available systems. Human Movement Science, 18:589-602.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

[PIC] Sri Lanka Vs Bankstown | Gallery

I am grateful to Eranga Priyakara for submitting these images from Bankstown.

It would be phenomenal if more people contribute like this and shared their collection of memories, photos and perhaps even video!

I'm open to suggestions email me at

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[Video] Lasith 'Slinga' Malinga

From beach boy to The world's sexiest cricketer as voted by fans at the ICC world cup 2007. What an amazing transformation it has been for Lasith malinga.

5 years ago one would never have heard the name of a Sri Lankan bowler when people spoke of fast bowlers, Lasith has changed all that.

Thanks to Harriet Clarke for the photo.

Click here to see Lasith Malinga on début.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sri Lanka Vs Bankstown District Cricket Club

News has been trickling in about this encounter, mainstream news media has nothing on this match either. If you were at this match please share your photos and stories via the comments link below.

Sri Lanka batting first put on 274 for 9. With useful contributions from Sanath, Tharanga and dazzling stroke play from Chamara Silva.

Photographs courtesy of David Clifton from Bankstown District Cricket Club.

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A reminder to SLC | The Nation

The Nation: It is over a month since Nisal Senaratne passed away following a brief illness. In the field of cricket Senaratne was a stalwart in his own way having played the game at school and representative level and more so having served the game for over a decade.

Senaratne as we all know held the post of secretary of the then Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka (BCCSL) for as many as six years in two-year spells on three occasions. He was also a vice-president of BCCSL and manager on many tours including the 1987 World Cup and the 1981 tour of England when Sri Lanka were granted full membership of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and served the Cricket Board in various other capacities too numerous to mention from the time of Robert Senanayake in the late sixties till Gamini Dissanayake in the late eighties.

It is indeed sad to note that people such as Senaratne who had served the game for long years have simply gone unnoticed. Others who have served in this category for long years include, apart from Senanayake and Dissanayake, – Neil Perera, Abu Fuard, Nuski Mohamed, S. Skandakumar, Ranjith Fernando, WAN Silva, Anuruddha Polonowita, Leo Wijesinghe, Anura Tennekoon, M. Rajasingham and SS (Chandra) Perera.

All these individuals have served Sri Lanka Cricket (as it is now named) for a period of well over a decade in HONORARY capacities holding high office in various positions. They have carried the Cricket Board virtually on their shoulders at a time when the controlling body did not have the luxury of funds that it has today.

With the passing away not very long ago of Tryphon Mirando who served as secretary under the Dharmadasas there were huge newspaper advertisements placed by Sri Lanka Cricket. SLC to be frank played a big role in his funeral and other arrangements also participating in the funeral procession. This gesture is laudable in not forgetting the service rendered to the game by such individuals. We do not mean any disrespect to the late Mirando who was a very fine gentleman.

However, one wonders whether it is double standards or total ignorance by Sri Lanka Cricket when it comes to giving due recognition to people who have served for much longer periods and sacrificed part of their lives for the game. The fact that Sri Lanka Cricket completely ignored the demise of a veteran such as Senaratne even by way of an acknowledgement is unpardonable.

We hope that in future this will not be repeated and that Sri Lanka Cricket will give due recognition to those who have done yeoman service to the game and that they are at least acknowledged even in death. Not only past players and captains but also managers, coaches and officials, all should be respected and treated alike because they all contribute towards the upliftment of the game. Without their efforts Sri Lanka cricket wouldn’t be where it is today. As much as players contribute on the field there are also others who contribute equally off it. That much Sri Lanka Cricket should take very special note of.

Raising junior cricket standards
We have another ICC junior cricket World Cup around the corner and all eyes will be focused on these young cricketers in Malaysia for a fortnight from February 17, to see who the emerging stars will be. This sort of tournament, although not having the same draw card as some of the major ones, is important in the ICC calendar because it brings into focus the latent talent among the juniors and pushes them into the spotlight of a worldwide audience.

Winning the tournament is great but the most crucial factor in the junior World Cup is how many future cricketers one’s country can produce. In this aspect it is sad to note that Sri Lanka has fallen far behind. Their standard of school cricket is not what it was maybe a decade or so ago.

No one has actually put a finger on what has gone wrong with our school cricket standards and come up with a remedy to rectify it. World Cup winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga coming into the scene as chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket interim committee has given some hope of a revival. One of his top priorities in taking over the reins of Sri Lanka Cricket is to ensure that school cricket standards are raised to the point where it was at one time. When Ranatunga made his Test debut for Sri Lanka 26 years ago, he was still a schoolboy at Ananda College. After him several other cricketers have walked into the national side straight from school. But sadly it is no longer the case today. What the former captain needs is some guidance on the lines of how it needs to be tackled. He has only to look around him for there are enough and more past cricket officials and players who would gladly lend him a helping hand. After all school cricket is our nursery towards nurturing top quality players for the future. If there is something wrong there it needs to be rectified immediately or the results could be rather detrimental to the future of Sri Lanka cricket.

By Sa'adi Thawfeeq

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Low key arrival for Sri Lanka | Cricinfo

Cricinfo: Following a break from international cricket - five weeks is something of a luxury these days - Sri Lanka are back on Australian shores, this time for a one-day series, the CB triangular also featuring the hosts and India. They were last here three months ago for a two-Test whitewash that proved a handy catalyst for bouncing back to beat England in the subsequent home series.

They returned this weekend in Sydney and their coach Trevor Bayliss immediately promised that his side won't let the race controversy between Australia and India concern the team. "It looks like those two teams have got over it," Bayliss told the Sydney Morning Herald. "It's one of those things that happen in cricket every now and then and is pretty quickly forgotten."

He added that there was no tension with Australia in the Tests in November. "Certainly not, quite the opposite actually. The two teams got on well and from my point of view I made an effort for our blokes to go into the change rooms after Test matches to get to know some of the Australian guys."

While their forthcoming opponents were still facing each other in the much-publicised four-Test series in Adelaide, Sri Lanka took to the nets in a low-key manner in Sydney. Bayliss was happy not much fuss was made of their arrival. "The other two teams can have all the attention and hopefully that will allow us to play good cricket."

Their first challenge will be on Wednesday when they face the Prime Minister's XI, who will be captained by Victoria's Cameron White. It will be good practice for the Sri Lankans, who haven't played an ODI since the middle of October when they lost 3-2 to England at home. They have just the one spinner, Muttiah Muralitharan, in a squad with six fast bowlers.

The CB Series kicks off on February 3 with Australia playing India in Brisbane; Sri Lanka have their first action two days later when they will face India, also at the Gabba. +/- Expand Post

Saturday, January 26, 2008

[Video] Coca-Cola Champions Trophy - Final | India v Sri Lanka 2000 | 1st Session

Click here to view

2nd Session can be found here

Sri Lanka defeated India by 254 in one of their most intimidating performances in the history of Sri Lankan cricket. The architect was, Sanath Jayasuriya, who rescued an innings that was dipping into the doldrums, with a breathtaking 189 from just 161 balls, the second equal highest score in the history of one-day international cricket.

Then, with India needing to score a mammoth 300 runs to win, the Sri Lanka bowlers ripped through the top order. Within 24 balls, both Tendulkar (5) and Ganguly (3) were left brooding in the dressing room. India's chances of winning had been squashed and any self-belief that had previously lingered had now vanished.

The Indian middle order capitulated. The only batsman to reach double figures was Robin Singh (11) and India were bowled out for just 54 runs. This was the lowest total ever in the history of one-day cricket in Sharjah and the third lowest in the world.

Chaminda Vaas finished with a career best 5 for 14 from his 9.3 overs. Both he and Zoysa bowled aggressively, perhaps fuelled by the inspirational batting of their captain. Everything they did appeared to bring dividends. Writes Charlie Austin for Cricinfo.


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Sri Lanka to play Bankstown District Cricket Club

Sri Lanka kick off their preparations for the upcoming CB series with a charity match Vs Bankstown District Cricket Club today.

Image courtesy of Niranjan Selvadurai
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Bayliss keen to foster good relations

The Age: Sri Lankan coach Trevor Bayliss said he would be telling his players to socialise with the Australians after matches to help foster good relations between the teams.

Bayliss is keen for his squad to avoid the ill feeling on display in Australia's Test series against India. Anil Kumble's side threatened to suspend their tour after the second Test in Sydney earlier this month.

Kumble had accused the Australians of not playing in the spirit of the game, and the Indians could send further shockwaves through the international cricket community if Harbhajan Singh's appeal against a three-Test ban for racially abusing Andrew Symonds fails.

The Sri Lankans made a low-key start to their tour, arriving on Friday and having a two-hour net session at the SCG on Sunday.

Bayliss took over the Sri Lankan coaching role from former Australian World Cup all-rounder Tom Moody in August last year and led Sri Lanka to a 2-0 Test series defeat in Australia in November.

Asked if there was any ill feeling between the Australian and Sri Lankan teams in November's Test series, Bayliss said: "Certainly not. It was quite the opposite actually.

"The two teams got on well," added Bayliss, a former NSW player and coach.

"From my point of view I made an effort for our blokes to actually go into the change rooms after the Test matches to get to know some of the Australian guys.

"They certainly did that. It was very good out on the field and also afterwards in the dressing room.

"From all reports Tom (Moody) was trying to do the same.

"It's very difficult with the Sri Lankan guys. They are a very shy sort of a team so it has taken a bit of encouragement but slowly we're getting there."

Symonds has been a lightning rod for controversy in the current Test series against India and in Australia's one-day tour of India in October. But Bayliss said the Queenslander's strong friendship with Sri Lankan world-record holder Muttiah Muralitharan would help keep a good spirit between the two sides.

"Murali is good mates with everyone. He's just a fantastic bloke and good fun to be around," Bayliss said.

Bayliss said he had only followed the Australia-India tensions in the newspapers.

"We are not too concerned about what has gone on there," he said.

"It looks like these two teams have got over it."

Moody now coaches his home state Western Australia, who are playing in a Pura Cup match against NSW at the SCG this weekend.

"They (Sri Lankan players) are looking forward to catching up with him over the next couple of days," Bayliss said.

Bayliss said Sri Lanka's batsmen in particular would be keen to make a statement after their poor efforts in the Test series against Australia.

"The last time we were here two years ago we made the finals of this tri-series," Bayliss said of the World Cup runners-up.

"I suppose we have got something to prove after the Test series here.

"We didn't play as well as we would have hoped, especially with the bat."

Sri Lanka have a trial game against Sydney club Bankstown on Sunday, followed by the clash with the Prime Minister's XI in Canberra on Wednesday and a further warm-up game against Tasmania in Hobart on February 2.

Sri Lanka's first game in the tri-series is against India at the Gabba on February 5. +/- Expand Post

Friday, January 25, 2008

[Video] An interesting observation

The following footage is from a quiet passage of play that went largely unnoticed during the Coca Cola Cup Final in the year 2000. This was Sangakkara's 10th ODI knock since making his début earlier that year. Sanath went on to score a mammoth 189, equal with Viv Richards as the second highest ODI total.

Make your own minds up. Have your say below by clicking the Comments link.

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The future is provincial | Kumar Sangakkara

"Sri Lankan domestic cricket is not fully professional yet, but the quasi-professional set-up has started to set the first foundations for professional first-class cricket." writes Kumar Sangakkara on Cricinfo Magazine. +/- Expand Post

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Arjuna offers to host Asia cup

Sri Lanka's Cricket chief Arjuna Ranatunga has approached the PCB with an offer to host the up coming Asia cup, rising violence in Pakistan has threatened the tournament. The 6 nation tourney is scheduled to start in June 2008.

"We have written and asked Pakistan if we can host the Asia Cup," Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) chief Arjuna Ranatunga said on the sidelines of a news conference to promote tourism.

"It's a sensitive issue, but we will understand if Pakistan refuse us," said Ranatunga, who led Sri Lanka to victory in the 1996 World Cup.
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[Pic] Team Sri Lanka departs for CB Series 2008

Focus on the prayer 'Mali' not the Camera!

Malinga finally gets his chance with the photographer!

Chanaka Welegedera with his wife and daughter.

A fan wishes Murali.
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Lanka’s mauler - Self effacing to a fault | The Island

From where does Sanath Jayasuriya derive his inspiration is a question worth pondering about. He has gone on for almost 20 years now without sacrificing the killer instinct that has made him a thorn in the flesh of all world class bowlers. Jayasuriya, cutting and pulling the best of bowlers around has become such a common sight for many years, that he has become the prime target of opposing captains. The former Sri Lankan captain will turn 39 in June and while he looks good enough to go on, this most certainly will be his last tour to Australia, although he hasn’t publicly said so.

Australia is such a special place for Jayasuriya, in the sense it was there that his journey to stardom started. It was at the MCG that Jayasuriya made his ODI debut on Boxing Day in 1989. He managed just three runs, batting at number five and wasn’t called upon to bowl his left arm spinners. The beginning was hardly an indication of what was to follow.

Since his début 19 years ago, Australia in particular has attracted Jayasuriya’s wrath. His position in the side was made permanent after his whirlwind hundred against them in 1995. Ever since, whether it be Tests, ODIs or Twenty20s, the first name that was penned down in the team sheet was that of Jayasuriya’s.

The purist would obviously question Jayasuriya’s technique, but nevertheless, with a rather ‘cocky’ technique, he has gone on to defy all odds. The fact that he realized too early not to change his technique worked wonders for him and the team. In a recent interview with ‘The Island’, former Sri Lanka great Aravinda de Silva stressed a few important points.

"Our under-19 players are too confused about techniques. All of them want to be technically perfect. Batting is all about making runs and what’s important is to stifle the risk element to make runs. You don’t have to be technically perfect to be a successful batsman. The best example is Sanath Jayasuriya. He’s not technically perfect, but nevertheless he’s been effective for us for years and years," de Silva said.

Power and timing were his forte and depending on these two assets, he ran amok in international cricket for two decades and went on to become the highest run getter for Sri Lanka in both forms of the game.

While he was quick enough to identify his limitations, he also worked on a few technical aspects, whereby he reduced the risk element in making runs. He was instrumental in hiring the services of batting ‘Guru’ Barry Richards in 2001-2002, the period when Sri Lanka went on to win ten successive Test matches under Jayasuriya’s captaincy.

The tributes have been lavish for Jayasuriya. Australian spin legend Shane Warne named him as one of the best 20 players he has played against or with. But the biggest tribute probably came from Sachin Tendulkar, a contemporary of Jayasuriya, who captained India, when Jayasuriya was breaking all sorts of records. Tendulkar’s comments were, "I haven’t seen Bradman, but I have seen Jayasuriya." This was in the year 1997, when Jayasuriya hit a career best 340 and 199 in successive innings.

As he stated in his column that appeared in ‘The Island’ during Sri Lanka’s tour of Australia, one thing that hurt him most while playing for Sri Lanka was not winning a Test in Australia. "I grew up looking up to the West Indies. Richards, Haynes, Marshall and Garner were all great players, but during my time as a cricketer, it was to Australia we all looked up to raise the bar. People ask me whether I regret not breaking Brian Lara’s World Record of 375 in Tests or Saeed Anwar’s 194 in ODIs. Those didn’t bother me much. I am a firm believer that whatever the records that you get, they come in the process of helping your team achieve something. Not winning a Test in Australia, however, will always be a big disappointment for me."

But he can derive satisfaction from the fact that he was the first and only Sri Lankan captain to beat Australia in a Test (in 1999 in Kandy). To date, that remains Sri Lanka’s only Test win against the World Champions and the fact that it came in Jayasuriya’s very first Test as captain is a great achievement indeed.

There’s no doubt that he has terrorized world cricket. Manoj Prabakar was slowly fitting into the boots of Kapil Dev as India’s next great all-rounder, but it only took a brutal onslaught from Jayasuriya in the 1996 World Cup and Prabakar never played for India again!

With his place in the Test side being questioned, he unleashed the same attack on Shaun Pollock at P. Sara Stadium in 2006. He went onto make 70 odd and hoisted the South African legend to the adjoining Air Force flats in a tense game. The ball was never returned. However, his fiery blitz against Pollock raised questions of the Protea’s place in the Test side and a year later, he was dropped from the South African Test side.

Pollock had been at the receiving end some six years ago, too. He was the captain when Jayasuriya hit 98 runs in the first session of a Test match in Galle. This was not against Bangladesh, but against a quality bowling attack that had the likes of Ntini, Klusener and Kallis. His batting was legendary like knights of yore and many crickolics turn off their television when Jayasuriya departs.

He has inspired many youngsters. The greatest aspect of his career may be to remain so down to earth despite all these achievements. That is his self-effacing character.

Pollock is not the only victim. Jayasuriya was playing his last Test match in Kandy last December, and he put away England’s James Anderson for six successive fours in one over. It was pure class and what’s more, it was a World Record too. Anderson didn’t take any further part in that series and it remains a big question whether he will do so in the future. But he shouldn’t be too upset as he’s not the only man to go through a similar fate. Well, if that can happen to Pollock, who is Anderson?

Internal politics at the Cricket Board in 2005 had him being left out of Sri Lanka’s ODI tour to Australia, but strong resistance from some Interim Committee members forced the chairman at that time to give way and Jayasuriya was recalled. He landed in Sydney less than 24 hours before an ODI against Australia. He was picked, and hammered the feared Australian attack to all corners of the game, making 114 in 96 balls and Sri Lanka cruised to a comfortable victory.

Jayasuriya is soft spoken and prefers to keep a low profile. But that doesn’t mean that he is not outspoken and has taken on the administrators upfront on occasions. He was controversially asked to step down from Test cricket in 2006, but a few months later, the new chairman of selectors talked him out of retirement. On his return, he let his bat do the talking.

Sri Lanka 'whitewashed' England without Muttiah Muralitharan with Jayasuriya remaining a celebrity icon in that victorious team.

He hit two hundreds. The first came at the London Oval, also the location for his memorable Test double hundred in 1998. But the one in Headingly stunned the whole of England as the 5-0 whitewash was completed in grand style. Chasing an improbable 321, Sri Lanka got there, believe it or not, with more than 12 overs to spare, thanks to Jayasuriya, who hit 152 in 99 balls. There were 20 boundaries and four sixes scored and England didn’t even take the third Power Play.

He would be indeed a happy man that he played such a vital role in Sri Lanka’s 5-0 win, but the ultimate goal will be Australia. He will want to make sure that Sri Lanka go there some day and win a Test – even sans his great self.

By Rex Clemantine for The Island LK (Subscription).

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

[Video] Classic Catches | Kumar Sangakkara | World Cup 2007

Stunning catch by Sangakkara | SL Vs IRE | World Cup 2007 +/- Expand Post

[Video] Team Sri Lanka Warm Up Session | Finals World Cup 2007

The players warming up and the fans, Kensington Oval, Barbados. +/- Expand Post

[Video] Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh 1st ODI | June 2007

Sri Lanka 234 for 6 (Silva 65, Tharanga 57) beat Bangladesh 164 (Fernando 4-24) by 70 runs. Dilhara Fernando scythed through a brittle top order and, with Farvez Maharoof providing useful support, ensured Sri Lanka sealed a facile win in the first ODI against Bangladesh at Colombo. The visitors' top order flattered to deceive; at 45 for 0 at the end of 11 overs, chasing 235, they were looking good but then came the familiar collapse. Five quick wickets saw them stutter to 56 for 5, a position from which they never recovered. ...
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ranatunga right on track

Reliable sources from Colombo inform me that Arjuna has been putting in 12 hour days and curbing back SLC's extravagant spending. Certain officials at SLC who were blessed with not 1 but 4 cars have had their perks cut back. It's painful to know we severely under paid good coaches like Tom Moody yet our 'officials' get such royal treatment at the expense of our cricket. +/- Expand Post

[Video] Sanath Jayasuriya 189 Vs India | 2003

"Oh he's gone..He's gone! Oh NO he's gone! Well, we've been privileged to see one of the best... Someone should have told him you could have made the highest score ever.... He is getting a standing ovation...

There are Indians...there are Arabs..there are Sri Lankans and Englishmen...EVERYONE on their feet cheering this man off." - Tony Greg at the fall of Jayasuriya's wicket.

Scorecard (Courtesy Cricinfo) +/- Expand Post

Monday, January 21, 2008

Young Australian guns to tackle Sri Lanka

MELBOURNE (AFP) — A number of Australian Test hopefuls will get the chance to stake their claim for higher honours when they play for the Prime Minister's XI against Sri Lanka on January 30 at Canberra's Manuka Oval.

Cricket Australia Monday announced a strong squad for the match and included in the side are a handful of players who have already tasted international cricket in some form, along with several being touted as future Australia players.

All-rounder Cameron White, who has played 16 one-day internationals and has an Australian contract, will lead the side, with fellow Victorian David Hussey as his deputy.

The latter is the brother of Australian star Mike Hussey and has been in spectacular form in domestic cricket this year, particularly in Twenty20 matches for his state.

Hussey is one of a number of players in the team pushing for national selection, along with contracted Tasmanian fast bowler Ben Hilfenhaus, who has played one-day cricket for Australia, Queensland paceman Ashley Noffke and a trio of young West Australian batsmen in Luke Pomersbach, Shaun Marsh and Luke Ronchi.

Pomersbach was plucked out of the crowd to play in the Twenty20 international against New Zealand at the WACA last month, while the free-hitting Ronchi is tipped as Adam Gilchrist's long-term replacement as Australian wicketkeeper.

Australian chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch said the team indicated the depth in local cricket.

"This year's side has a good mix of experience and youth to take on what will possibly be a full strength Sri Lankan team," he said here Monday.

"Ben Hilfenhaus, Ashley Noffke and Luke Pomersbach round out the list of players who, along with White, have played at the highest level for Australia and will be hoping to impress again.

"Their selection is well deserved recognition of the outstanding season being enjoyed by Australia's exciting young talent."

The match is part of Sri Lanka's preparation for the subsequent one-day tri-series against Australia and India.

PM XI - Cameron White (captain), David Hussey, Doug Bollinger, Callum Ferguson, Ben Hilfenhaus, Philip Hughes, Shaun Marsh, Ashley Noffke, Luke Pomersbach, Luke Ronchi, Luke Swards. Jonathon Dean (12th man). +/- Expand Post

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The selectors aren't to be blamed

A Fortnight or so ago there was outrage amongst cricket fans that Malinga Bandara was not selected to tour Australia next month. I for one questioned the logic behind taking inexperienced fast bowlers to Australia time and time again. Trying to blast the Aussies out with pace is a strategy that hasn't worked for us since the mid 80's. The recent test series proved that our 3 main quick men Vaas, Malinga, Dilhara all failed to rattle the Aussies. We should be sending our upcoming pacemen on more 'A- team' tours overseas rather than throwing them into the deep end. 'Sri Lanka-A' rarely tour Australia and don't have a busy year round schedule.

I was quick to assume that Asantha De Mel being a former fast bowler himself conjured up this team selection and as a result I assumed Asantha had a role to play in Bandara's omission, it turns out I was way off the mark. Mahela speaking to Sa'adi Thawfeeq on Cricinfo not only fully backed the selection he also provided the logic behind not taking a back up spinner for Murali.

When you've got Murali and if he is playing in the side, with the conditions we get in Australia, there won't be any room for a second spinner. It will not give us the adequate balance in our set-up. Our combination could be three quicks and a spinner plus seven batsman or we might go with six batsmen, four quicks, including an allrounder, and a spinner. Banda will only come into play if Murali gets injured. That's why he is a standby.

The other three[Fast bowlers]are fairly new. Even though Kulasekera has been around he hasn't played consistently, Welagedera is a young guy finding his way in international cricket and Ishara - we picked him for his pace and accuracy. He's bowled pretty well in the last 6-12 months in A team cricket. This probably would be a place for us to see what he can do. - Mahela Jayawardene speaking to Cricinfo.

Click here for video of Ishara Amerasinghe on debut

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[Video] Aney Yako | Chamara's Lollipops

The Look on Murali's face and Chamara's reaction at the end is priceless!

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[Video] Chaminda Vaas Vs Adam Gilchrist 2003

Chaminda Vaas Vs Adam Gilchrist from the 2003 VB Series. Vaas has this uncanny knack of picking up a wicket in his first over. It was no different this time despite Gilly's assault. +/- Expand Post

Saturday, January 19, 2008

[Video] Ishara Amerasinghe on debut

Click here for video of Ishara Amerasinghe on debut

Ishara is one of 6 fast bowlers picked for the CB Series in Australia next month. According to Sa'adi Thawfeeq on Cricinfo fast-bowling coach Champaka Ramanayake Considers Ishara as the second fastest bowler in the country next to Lasith Malinga. On debut he didn't seem to be a 'tear away' quick bowler more a steady line and length type bowler.
His selection to Australia in early 2008 came as no surprise because the national selectors were looking for a suitable replacement for the injured Dilhara Fernando and some variety in the fast-bowling line up, someone who could make the batsmen hurry their strokes on the pacy pitches.

The six-foot tall Amerasinghe, with his high-arm action and ability to regularly bowl at 140 kph, fitted the role perfectly. At 29, it would seem a late age for a fast bowler, but Amerasinghe has been around for some time, having first toured England with the Sri Lankam team in 2002. He was kept waiting for another five years - partly owing to a back injury sustained during that tour - before making his ODI debut against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi after the 2007 World Cup. He has been a regular member of the Sri Lanka A squad since 1999, the season in which he performed outstandingly well, taking 58 wickets from 12 matches in the Premier League for Colombo Colts. That performance opened a window of opportunities for him to tour South Africa, with the A team, and then England.

Ramanayake admits that Amerasinghe has the pace to unsettle batsmen but lacked the accuracy during his early days. Some hard work at the nets with Ramanayake and ' team coach Chandika Hathurusingha, two individuals who have been instrumental in shaping his career in recent years, resulted in an improved line and length. He can be a potent force if conditions suit him. Amerasinghe's affiliation to cricket came at the age of eight. Even before he played for a school first XI he had shown his potential at division II club cricket, representing Colombo CC. He was spotted by Jayantha Seneviratne, a former Sri Lanka cricketer and presently a national selector, who encouraged him to come to Nalanda College and in his only season he took 68 wickets from 11 matches. He joined Burgher RC from where he kept on switching clubs, moving to Colombo Colts, Nondescript CC, Galle CC and back to Colts where he is currently settled, reaping the benefit of bowling alongside Chaminda Vaas. - Sa'adi Thawfeeq
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[Video] Mahroof sends back MOYO with a Jaffa

Farveez Maharoof dismisses Mohammad Yousuf with a sensational delivery. From the 2007 Warid Series in UAE.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

[Video] Sanath Jayasuriya 122 Vs Australia VB Series | 2003

By Hilal

Sunny loves the SCG. In 6 matches he averages 59.16 with this being his highest score at the SCG. For a moment Shane Watson's cricket career looked bleak as Jayasuriya took a liking to his lobs. +/- Expand Post

Lankan stars bat for Ramayana sites

The Hindu: When they were playing the gentleman’s game, Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda de Silva saw to it that their team fulfilled the expectations of their cricket board. These days the two former Sri Lankan cricketers are busy wooing Indian tourists to their island nation as they have both been appointed its tourism ambassadors.

Unveiling a thematic programme, ‘Following the Trails of Ramayana’, Ranatunga said he had come to Delhi to offer Indian tourists a chance to visit prominent religious sites as cited in Valmiki’s Ramayana. “I am not an expert on Ramayana and this is my first assignment as a tourism ambassador to India. Earlier I had the pleasure of travelling to cricket playing countries as Deputy Minister of Tourism. Now I have been assigned the task of encouraging people in India to visit our country,” he said.

Pointing out that the Indian cricket team will travel to Sri Lanka in July to play matches against his national team, Arjuna said: “I hope Indian tourists also come along as they would not only be able to watch the matches live but also get an excellent opportunity to visit some of the sites connected with the Ramayana..”

Aravinda said: “When the Minister of Tourism gave me the mission to promote tourism, I decided to give it my best. Today I am more educated about thee sacred places that we should all explore.”

Aravinda added, “We have had great hospitality in India and I often keep going to Bangalore as I have some friends there. Now I want to extend the same generosity and kindness in our country.”

Based on the findings of research, the thematic programme reveals there are over 50 sites in Sri Lanka connected with the Ramayana where the names of Lord Rama, Sita and Ravana find resonance.

By Madhur Tankha for The Hindu. +/- Expand Post

[Video] Marvan Atapattu 101 Vs Australia | VB Series 2003

Rewind: Marvan in action during the 2003 VB series in Australia. This was Marvan's 8th ODI century and the first against the Aussies. Marvan and Sanath went on to score the highest opening partnership ever at the Sydney Cricket Grounds.

Scorecard (Courtesy Cricinfo)

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fixtures Commonwealth Bank Series, 2007/08

Please note that all start times are based on local time at the venue.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

[Video] The Outswinging Yorker | Lasith Malinga 2007

Click the Title above if no video is visible

Ravi Bopara receives a nightmare first ball as Malinga shatters his stumps with a Jaffa!

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[Video] The Yorker | Lasith Malinga Vs Owais Shah | 2007

Click the Title above if no video is visible

Malinga cleans Shah up with a peach. He softens him up with a slower ball first up.

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Arjuna and Aravinda Sri Lanka's new tourism ambassadors

The Ministry of Tourism early this week announced the appointment of Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda De Silva as Ambassadors of Tourism.

Who better to take on the role as tourism ambassadors than the nations most prominent sportsman said Director General of Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority George Michael. +/- Expand Post

[Video] Bangladesh all out for 89 | Murali's 58th 5 Wicket Haul | 2007

From: Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh | 1st Test | Day 1 | 2007

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[Video] Sanath Jayasuriya 152 off 99 Balls | 2006


The method and destruction with which Sri Lanka's batsmen chased down 322 was a spectacle of remarkable audacity, self-belief and skill.

Jayasuriya, of course, has been doing this for years but even he, the wise old man of Sri Lanka's side, looked over the moon at his 72-ball hundred and celebrated with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm as a young whippersnapper. -Cricinfo

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[Video] NatWest Series | Sri Lanka Vs England | 4th Match | 2006


This was a celebration for Sri Lanka. It would be easy to say their flamboyant and expressive cricket stemmed from the fact they had the series safely in the bag and could let their hair down. But it was just a continuation of how they have carried all before them during the one-day matches and made England look very second rate.

The catalyst was again their captain, Mahela Jayawardene, who gave England another lesson in how to build a one-day innings. When England attempted to chase, the failings that have blighted the series shone like a beacon next to Jayawardene's innings. The top four all made between 30 and 45, only Ian Bell has much defence for being dismissed, and England made 285 without a half-century. writes Andrew McGlashan for Cricinfo.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Posted by Hilal

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

[Video] The Sri Lankan brand of Cricket [2]

Click the Title above if no video is visible

Sri Lanka's fan base has extended beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. Gone are the days when Sri Lankan Cricket was only followed by it's die hard fan base on the island. With Youtube and other online video hosts portraying the islanders talent, youngsters from various other nations are showing interest in Lanka cricket, not to mention the number of Americans following the Lions these days. My videos have a collective view count of over 1.5 Million, Youtube is taking Cricket to the the average American household, something even the ICC has failed to do.

The Lions' brand of cricket is the key to it's following. Sri Lanka have always been known for their aggressive and positive approach to Cricket, The Sri Lankan brand of Cricket.

Related viewing

The Sri Lankan brand of Cricket [1]

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Let’s follow the M.C.C. procedure

Let’s follow the M.C.C. procedure


What is this high honour of “President of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka “worth? I pause for a reply.

I am in my early nineties and a living witness of the growth of Ceylon and Sri Lanka cricket since 1928.

When Dr. Churchill Hector Gunasekera, then playing for Middlesex, County Champions of England in 1920, learnt of the impending visit of the MCC to India; approached the MCC authorities to include Ceylon in their itinerary; they advised him to form an Association in Ceylon to be responsible for the tour. He contacted friends in Colombo.

The Ceylon Cricket Association, which later grew into the Board of Control was formed with Dr. John Rockwood of the Tamil Union as President and Major O.B. Forbes as Secretary.

Dr. Gunesekera was the uncrowned King of Ceylon cricket in the 1930s. W.M.A. Wahid, the famous left-arm bowler of Zahira, once told me that when bowling at the Maradana Grounds, Dr. Gunasekara and a few others called over and had a close look at his bowling.

He included him under his captaincy in the first official tour of india. He was a success. We owe a lot for our High position in test cricket to Dr. Gunasekera, his brothers, his son and nephews.

I know well, as I worked with them, the sacrifice and the money invested by Hemaka Amarasuriya and his able Secretary Nisal Senaratna sponsors of the first inter provincial cricket tournament.

I know well that records set up in this Tournament are recognised by Wisden’s as first class match records.

From the start of my connection with Wisden, I longed to include the names of our cricketers with other renowned cricketers. Besides it was Nisal who urged me to form the Kurunegala District Cricket Association to take part in the First Provincial Cricket Tournament.

I see no reason why the intended Cup for the renewed Provincial Cricket Tournament be not named Hemaka Amrasuriya Cup.

Coming to recent times, the only Test Captain, who led us to World Championship Honours eyed this Honour of being President as the next step before retiring from the game. Is it a crime?

Have we forgotten the wonderful reception we gave him at his retirement from the game? Is there anyone more worthy than he.

I feel for him for I gave him due publicity when as a 14 year old boy at Ananda, he scored over 300, took 10 wickets in the match, and was on the field the entire two days. What a wonderful maiden appearance! Since then he has kept up to my expectations.

There are several others of whom I have not written. It is not because of lack of admiration, but lack of space. Ingratitude more stronger than traitor’s arms have vanquished and driven them into dark oblivion. I take pride in being the Last of the Mohicans to pay homage to them.

To avoid repetitions of this nature in the future, I strongly recommend that we follow the MCC procedure in the election of the President. For over two hundred years, the Outgoing President of the MCC nominates his successor, his term being for a year. After which he serves in the Committee for another year.

This is to enable the Committee to profit by his experience. Please give my proposal a trial. Cricketers, like old soldiers, never die but fade away.

Let us also do away with this open ballot. It spells the doom of many a cricketer and is not in the best interests of the game.

Hasn’t our Dhamma preached - Honour Them to Whom Honour is Due. +/- Expand Post

[Video] Chaminda Vaas Vs Andrew Strauss | 2006

From Sri Lanka's 2006 tour to England. +/- Expand Post

[Video] Sanath Jayasuriya 115 Vs West Indies | World Cup 2007

37 year old Jayasuriya still keeps going! Immaculate destruction, The manner which Sanath keeps hitting the gaps is remarkable. The Guyanese crowd were treated to a Jayasuriya assault.

No video above?

Click here

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[video] Ranatunga speaks to Channel 9 on Sri Lankan Cricket

Arjuna Ranatunga on Sri Lankan cricket
Arjuna Ranatunga on Sri Lankan cricket
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Squad for Commonwealth Bank Series 2008 announced

Cricinfo: Sri Lanka have banked on pace for the CB Series in Australia after naming six fast bowlers in their 15-man squad for next month's tournament which also features India.

Chaminda Vaas, with 387 one-day wickets, heads the pack which also includes Lasith Malinga, Farveez Maharoof, Nuwan Kulasekera, Chanaka Welegedara and Ishara Amerasinghe.

Left-armer Welegedara made his Test debut in the recent England series and has taken the place of Dilhara Fernando who is recuperating after undergoing an ankle operation. By naming six quicks the Sri Lankan selectors have only one genuine spinner in the squad - Muttiah Muralitharan.

During Sri Lanka's last triangular tournament in Australia, the 2005-06 VB Series, legspinner Malinga Bandara played a pivotal role supporting Muralitharan. He ended up as the second highest wicket-taker with 14 scalps and helped Sri Lanka finish runner-up to Australia, losing the best of three finals 2-1.

"Bandara was not considered because he played all his matches of the 2005-06 tournament only as a super-sub. He was actually not part of the final eleven," a selection committee sources revealed. "If Sri Lanka need more spinning options they have Tillakaratne Dilshan and Dilruwan Perera who both bowl off-breaks."

Bandara's place has gone to the Amerasinghe who, like Perera, has appeared in only one ODI. Perera will also play the role of third opener alongside Sanath Jayasuriya and Upul Tharanga.

Selection sources also said that Dilshan was picked as a middle-order batsman and will not open despite scoring heavily in the domestic limited-overs tournament from that position.

Chamara Kapugedera earns a recall while Kumar Sangakkara will resume wickekeeping duties after played as a specialist batsman in recent Tests against Australia and England.

Sri Lanka leave for Australia on January 24 and play two warm-up games against a Prime Minister's XI at the Manuka Oval on January 30 and against Tasmania in Hobart on February 2. They then meet India in their opening match of the CB Series in Brisbane on February 5.

Sri Lanka squad Mahela Jayawardene (capt), Kumar Sangakkara, Sanath Jayasuriya, Upul Tharanga, Dilruwan Perera, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Chamara Silva, Chamara Kapugedera, Chanaka Welegedara, Chaminda Vaas, Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Kulasekera, Muttiah Muralitharan, Farveez Maharoof, Ishara Amerasinghe

© Cricinfo +/- Expand Post

Sunday, January 13, 2008

[Video] A tribute to a true Lions fan

All I know is that his name is Gayan, we see him cheering on Lanka in nearly every home game played. So this one's for you Gayan, our next Percy!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

[Video] Mahela Jayawardena 134 Vs England | Colombo 2003/04

A sublime century filled with silken strokeplay. Mahela makes the English toil in the blazing hot Colombo sun. +/- Expand Post

Wayamba to meet Kandurata in the final

Cricinfo: The final of Sri Lanka's Inter-Provincial Limited-Overs Tournament will be a repeat of the last qualifying match between Kandurata and Wayamba after the final day of the qualifying stage was affected by bad weather.

At the Welagedera Stadium, in a match reduced to 31 overs, table-leaders Kandurata, captained by Kumar Sangakkara, beat Wayamba by eight wickets to finish with a 100% record in the qualifying round.

However, despite the defeat, Wayamba, who were captained by Mahela Jayawardene, were tied on 10 points with Basnahira North and went through to the final on superior net run rate.

For Kandurate, only Jehan Mubarak, the tall Sri Lanka left-handed middle-order batsman, got into double figures after they were asked to bat first in seamers-friendly condition and were eventually bowled out for for 79 in only 21 overs. Mubarak, pushing for a place in the Sri Lanka side for the ODI series in Australia, top-scored with 36 with extras taking the second spot (10). The damage to the Wayamba batting was done by the fast bowlers; Akalanka Ganegama, Kaushal Weeraratne, Thilan Thushara and Chintaka Jayasinghe who captured all ten wickets to fall.

Faced with the target of only 80 in 31 overs, Kandurata knocked the runs off in 19 overs to move into the final on Sunday with a great deal of confidence.

The bottom of the table clash between Basnahira South and Ruhuna at the Galle International Stadium ended without a ball bowled due to rain.

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[POLL] Did Harbhajan say it? A Sri Lankan perspective

I know you are as keen as I am to know where Sri Lankans stand on the current racism issue. Harbhajan Sing was banned for 3 Test matches for calling Andrew Symonds a 'Monkey'. The Indian camp including Harbhajan deny making the remark, whilst Symonds and the Australians are 100% convinced he said it and seem very hurt by the comments.

No concrete evidence has surfaced to prove that Singh in fact made the remark. Sachin Tendulkar stands by Harbhajan and testified in support of him during the hearing. Sachin was the only player within hearing range to have picked anything up.

What do you think? Vote below and see the result for yourselves.

Harbhajan banned over racism +/- Expand Post

Friday, January 11, 2008

[Video] Muttiah 'Murali' Muralidaran Vs Kevin Pietersen | World Cup 2007

Murali Vs Kevin Pietersen, the much awaited showdown at the ICC cricket world cup 2007.

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[Video] Sanath Jayasuriya Vs Shaun Pollock | 2007

A Classic World Cup encounter, The ever accurate Pollock Vs The Master Blaster Jayasuriya.

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