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Monday, January 28, 2008

[PIC] Sri Lanka Vs Bankstown | Gallery

I am grateful to Eranga Priyakara for submitting these images from Bankstown.

It would be phenomenal if more people contribute like this and shared their collection of memories, photos and perhaps even video!

I'm open to suggestions email me at


Anonymous said...

Thanks Hilal and thanks eranga!

KSmon said...

Wonderful work by Eranga!

Anonymous said...

Did we win the match?????

Its great that your supplying pictures but who won the game????

Ruwan said...

Awesome Eranga Priyakara

Wonder how he became a photographer

Hilal said...

Sri Lanka won the match, I am yet to receive an official scorecard but from what I heard Bankstown were all out for 207 (unconfirmed). I contacted the entire Bankstown XI Via email, including the administrators but they haven't responded yet.

Anonymous said...

great work fellas~!

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