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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sri Lanka Cricket sides with BCCI on racism row

Hindustan Times: Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) got behind the BCCI on the racism row, saying the hearing into the charges against Harbhajan Singh was not conducted in a "proper manner".

The SLC secretary K Mathivanan said the ICC should initiate a proper inquiry into the matter.

"I think the inquiry was not very fair. It should be done in a proper manner. There should be more evidence," he told PTI.

Harbhajan was accused by the Australians of racially abusing all-rounder Andrew Symonds during the second Test in Sydney, which led to a three-match ban on him.

The BCCI appealed against the ban, which now stands suspended until the appeal is disposed.

Mathivanan felt Ranjan Madugalle's appointment, as a facilitator for the match will help control the volatile situation.

"He will be making an effort to bring normalcy between the two teams," he said. Madugalle, however, was not available for comments.


JaM said...

We shouldn't mix politics with sports. India is clearly at fault here. I don't believe that the inquiry was flawed. The only thing questionable is Ponting's integrity in regard to his false appeal. But the Indians' conduct is utterly contemptible.

Anonymous said...

Harbajan is no baby for that matter. It is very likely that he would have said what is claimed. This video proves what he is all about.. Using offensive language..

Hilal said...

I can't understand how Mathivanan is allowed to come out and make such a statement, This statement doesn't refelct the views of the players or the management. It is just the opinion of one or two people whose emotions get the better of them. You can't make such a broad statement like 'We side with India'.

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