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Friday, January 25, 2008

[Video] An interesting observation

The following footage is from a quiet passage of play that went largely unnoticed during the Coca Cola Cup Final in the year 2000. This was Sangakkara's 10th ODI knock since making his d├ębut earlier that year. Sanath went on to score a mammoth 189, equal with Viv Richards as the second highest ODI total.

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Sarath said...

Yes I agree there is always a time and place for everything. Russell Arnold who came in next took his own time settle in Sangakarra was new and inexperienced at the time.

JD said...

Yeah i guess Jayasuriya has had a habit of trying to get things going when he's on song, as he was on that day. I guess Sanga was inexperienced during those early days and succumbed to the pressure of moving on with things since Sanath was scoring quite freely.

Hilal said...

A couple of overs after this Arnold was the striker and it was the last ball of the over. Sanath turned down an easy single to keep the strike and Arnold was almost run out. Arnold had come half way down the pitch. So during the over break you could see Arnold asking Sanath to relax and saying something along the lines of "Kamak neha oya gahanna mama strike eka dennam" (It's OK You can have the strike, I'll give you the strike" amongst a few other things. I am no professional lip reader BTW. Sanath sure was pumped up.

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