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Monday, January 28, 2008

[Video] Lasith 'Slinga' Malinga

From beach boy to The world's sexiest cricketer as voted by fans at the ICC world cup 2007. What an amazing transformation it has been for Lasith malinga.

5 years ago one would never have heard the name of a Sri Lankan bowler when people spoke of fast bowlers, Lasith has changed all that.

Thanks to Harriet Clarke for the photo.

Click here to see Lasith Malinga on d├ębut.


Planet Apex said...

Just stumble here. You have a nice interesting blog.

btw lol, when I looked at the title I thought it's Halal Cricket, and I thought WTF,lol,

Hilal said...

Buwaahhaaa haaa ha! 'Halal Cricket' don't rule it out, I saw Halal slippers in China! Thank you for the comment.

Hilal said...

In 'slippers' I meant flip flops/Sandals. It's soo common to use the phrase 'slippers' but outside of Sri Lanka I doubt it means much to anyone.

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