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Thursday, January 10, 2008

[Video] "Men too can make a difference" - Jehan Mubarak

A Public service announcement by Jehan Mubarak on Violence Against Women.


Lace-st said...

I am a constant fan and a sometime enthusiast of the Lankan cricket team. Living away from SL, in a land where the civilising influence of the great game is yet to be appreciated I don’t always have the chance to revel in the highs and sympathise with the lows of Sanath, Murali, Mahela and the rest of our boys.
So I end up being a bit of a fair weather fan or, in the case of last year, a world cup groupie. That has now changed thanks to this website. Not only was it useful in keeping up with the exciting goings-on over the last test series against England, it has also provided a wealth of interesting facts, profiles and commentaries on games past, our greatest players and our next gen heroes-to-be. The Sri Lankan team has certainly had more media attention after 1996 and its no longer a novelty to read an article from a foreign journalist featuring and even praising our players. But, it is still great to have a ‘local’ source that consistently highlights the best features of Lankan cricket, which is after all one of the things that all Sri Lankans can enjoy, appreciate and take pride in.

Hilal said...


Thank you for those comments. It Makes my work all the more worthwhile when I hear back from my readers.

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