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Thursday, April 24, 2008

[Video] Aravinda De Silva 112 | Kent Vs Lancs | 1995

Cricinfo: Lancashire deserved their success, which earned the club and the players #35,000, a gold trophy and, every bit as important, the satisfaction and relief of winning. For those outside the Du- chy, however, it was de Silva`s oriental genius - coming from east of the Medway he is presumably a man of Kent - which made the day memorable.

Bold, quick-footed and hitting the ball immensely hard for so small a man on his way to 112 off 95 balls, only the third hundred in the July final, he upstaged even Mike Atherton and John Crawley, whose innings earlier in the day had set the standard of quality.


Anonymous said...

This is a magical innings! Just magic! it is forever preserved in the echelons of time thanks to Hilal. My son is 12 and he has the chance to see this not due to anyone's hard work but your's hilal putha, thank you!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Priceless!

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