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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wesley College sacks cricket coach

Daily Mirror: Wesley College has sacked its junior cricket coach following complaints received from parents that their budding cricketer sons were allegedly being misguided, the Daily Mirror learns.

The Daily Mirror learns that the Cricket Development Council of the Old Boys Union of Wesley College held an inquiry following the complaints and found that the allegations were substantiated by the parents of players.

School authorities preferred to withhold the name of the controversial coach but the Daily Mirror learns had he (coach) submitted his resignation after realising his services were to be terminated.

An official of the Wesley College Cricket Development Council, who wanted to remain anonymous for sensitive reasons told the Daily Mirror that distinguished old boys of the school were also keen to maintain the dignity and name of the school and were unanimous in their decision to do away with the junior coach.

“Anybody can approach us and discuss what is happening at the College. If we find any member of the staff or students conducting themselves in an uncalled for manner we will recommend stern action. We want to maintain credibility of the College,” he declared.

He alleged that the coach had behaved in a manner unbecoming of what was expected of him.

The Daily Mirror learns that the sacked coach also harboured differences with two other top notch coaches attached to the school’s senior team which was also taken into account when the decision to sack him was made.

Wesley’s sacking of its junior coach marks probably the first time in recent years that a coach has been sacked from his job.

The Daily Mirror understands that several junior coaches especially in Colombo and the suburbs are exploiting their positions for vested interests and continue unchecked.


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