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Thursday, July 17, 2008

'I am targeting 800 Test wickets' - Murali

Muttiah Muralitharan in an interview with G Krishnan recently for The Hindustan Times has stated that he is setting his sights on 800 Test wickets rather than the 1000 figure he had set his sights on previously.

"I am targeting 800 Test wickets. I am 65 short of it," Murali told Hindustan Times in an exclusive chat in Bangalore on Monday. "If I get that, I will be very happy. I will try a little more and take 39 wickets to get past Wasim Akram's world record. These are the two major things. There is nothing else left to achieve for me."

Read the full interview here.


Hilal said...

Murali is truly a pessimist it can even be seen with his field placings over the years.

He has always looked at things in a negative manner, defensive before attacking. One wont be surprised to see a deep midwicket and a sweeper cover even if the opposition are 4 down for 90.

Of late he has not been taking as many wickets and the limelight has been on Mendis as a result his negative mind set may lead him to think that 1000 wickets is beyond reach.

I wish SLC pursued with Moody's idea of a sports psychologist.

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