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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ranatunga slams India's 'Twenty20' approach

Speaking to the Indian Express Arjuna Ranatunga claims India's record loss to Sri Lanka in the 1st Test has a lot to do with the detrimental influence of T20 cricket.

"The way the Indians have played this Test is an eye-opener not just for us but for all cricket-playing countries".

"They dealt with this like a Twenty20 game. I think they were not prepared for Test cricket." - Arjuna Ranatunga.

It is hard for someone who watched the every ball of the first test match to agree with Arjuna - Mahela Jayawardene who batted beautifully during Sri Lanka's 1st inning had more or less the same dose of IPL/T20 cricket as most of the Indians.

I would be a fool not to be insulted if I was a member of that Test match team, every member of that playing eleven contributed to that victory. It is a tough task for any team to counter Mendis and Murali if Lanka's batsman do their jobs. Sri Lanka continue to fail in Australia because their bowling attack never had runs behind them and found themselves constantly on the defensive.

The contributing factor to that record win was not India's lack of preparation or T20's negative influence on the game but 600 runs in the first innings, four centurions and a dash of Mendis & Murali magic!


Anonymous said...

Ranatunga is a bloody idiot always kissing india's ass. He is not open to the possibility that india lost that test because sri lanka out played them!

Thadiya said...

Big mistake putting the 'big' man in charge

Anonymous said...

I cant Fucking stand Ranatunga!! I thought he was the best thing to happen sl.

I think the players can decide for themselves..he did when he played?

Anonymous said...

Arjuna is nothing but a idiot. Tyrant, dictator. He is jealous with players.

Anonymous said...

what a stupid comment

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