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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cheerleaders and the cultural dilemma

by Hilal

The cheerleaders on display during the 1st ODI seem to have caused an uproar amongst our - ethically correct cultural police - cabinet ministers.

According to the Daily mirror the ministers were heard using the terms 'culture' and 'tradition' to put down something which is common place in most sporting events in modern societies.

Culture, values and traditions are important but if a troupe of dancers can cause this much uproar what should we do about the topless women on display at Sigiriya?

Uploaded on October 22, 2006
by pjwar


N said...

Perhaps stunningly beautiful Sri Lankan girls half naked and jewel clad cheering our boys on would be more of a fit with our culture? I know I'd be cheering!

Anonymous said...

machan are these russkie hookers that neil has? do you have a video? please do post it if you do. :)

Hilal said...

Anon> The cheerleaders are on the highlights of the 1st ODI take a peak and let us know if you see any familiar faces ;)

As per the link below the 'Eastern European dancers' were brought down by Ten Sports and Idea Cellular.

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