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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dambulla's shame

by Hilal

The uncouth behavior of a few can tarnish the good name of many.

The Indians after their well deserved victory in the 2nd ODI were pelted by plastic bottles by a group of Sri Lankan spectators.

Although a huge police presence was seen at Dambulla no arrests were made.

Recall seeing a group of Indian spectators with yellow shirts and red wigs on?

Sri Lankans who were sitting beside them report that they too were attacked with pellets and coins by a group of Lankan youth.

A very sad state of affairs, as Sri Lankans we have always been excellent hosts to our foreign guests - one of the primary reasons we excelled in the hospitality industry.

This is most definitely a black mark on our island as well as our cricket.


Times Eye said...

ass holes....... srilanka is following Mervin Silva

doctordeath said...

For so long iv been so proud of our hospitality towards hosting teams...herez the end to that :/ .. win or lose,we should not stoop down so low!

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