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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Terry Jenner not impressed with Mendis

Warne's mentor and coach Terry Jenner is clearly not impressed by Ajantha Mendis. In an article titled 'Young spinners lack magic like Warne, Kumble' in the ExpressIndia - He goes on to state that Mendis lacks a stock ball and the new breed of spinners including Mendis and Panesar are not in the same league as Warne and Kumble.

If anyone recalls Jenner was the bloke trying to sling mud at Murali when he was on the verge of breaking Warne's record. It appears that with such blind devotion to Warne he seems to be blinded by the brilliance of Mendis and it also appears he is trying incredibly hard to ensure people don't forget who Shane Warne is, since all the attention is on Murali and Mendis of late.


Damith S. said...

One thing though about the stock ball. He has a point. Mendis in the long run must develop a stock ball just like Murali and Warne has.

He is not impressed? Its interesting that someone would say that when on a debut he breaks a 62 year old record and out foxes possibly 4 of the best ever players of spin.

If we cast our minds back to 1991 Mr. Jenner, at 1/228 we werent too impressed with your Pie eating prodigy either.

Times Eye said...

they are like that

The One said...

I also agree that it's better if he has a stock ball. But to say that Mendis is not impressive is clearly so pathetic of this guy. Why can't they appreciate someone who's good, for a chance.

Hilal said...

When you're stuck in a rut it's hard to embrace change or even keep up with it. Whose to say mendis' Carrom ball is not his stock delivery?

Hilal said...

Think about it? The definition of a stock ball - a delivery you bowl more regularly than other variations right? Mendis bowls his Carrom ball which is a leg break more so than his off break.

Gayan said...

1st of is there is rule to say that every bowler needs to bowl his stock bowl to become a great bowler ? Intrestingly murali is not on his great bowlers comparrision list.
plus he is comparing new bowlers with bowlers who played international cricket for decadeds which they developed their skills gradualy year by year.

why dont he compare mendis with young shane warne who plyaed his 1st test match with figures of
overs-45 runs-150 wicket-1 ?

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