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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Banditown vs BigGay

I hate Gamini BigGay.

The evil demon has gotten too involved in our cricket and now it seems he’s the guy running the show.

Why bother with Banditown?

Why bother with selectors?

BigGay knows best.

Has he ever lifted a bat in his hand other than his own?

He changes teams that have already been picked.

He overrules decisions that Banditown makes.

Bandi and Banditown must be pissed as. I know I am.

When he first took office he said he wont meddle with cricket. Now it seems all he does is that. Doesn’t Sri Lanka play any other sports for this idiot to get involved in. Netball? Football ? Anything!?

Bandi should sit on Mr.BigGay so that he suffocates to death.

Bowled by Damith S.


Sujan Rao (sanath189) said...

[b]Looks like Mr.Gamin is the Sharad Pawar of SL Cricket :P

Anonymous said...

laughing ! good one. easy now, every dog has its day and so has lokugay, unfortunately for us tho bro.

Damith S. said...

Annon>Ill try. But I might fail

Anonymous said...

another as critical as the minister;

shehan said...

ela ela,niec one bro,i agree!

Anonymous said...

no matter what happens to cricket everyone got an opinion. all these so called ex cricketers and ministers are just pulling everyone's leg. we always think that a person who has done a lot for cricket would be the answer to sl cricket, but it seems that money is the main motive these days. i am not criticizing anyone but that seems to be the hero of the day. whether it's players or officials. i am so sick of all this. why can't we leave all aside n just play good cricket. the morale has be damaged so much that any youngster coming in has the mentality that he does not have to perform in order to get paid. very very sad, there are so many players like sajith fernando and bathiya perera who has never been even considered to be in the national side. even though sajith has been a prolific scorer for the last 2 to 3 years in the domestic scene. why does a cricketer have to know someone big to go where he deserves to go? isn't this how sri lanka has always been ruled? can anyone change it? not in my lifetime. Hilal i love what ur doing here. making us proud. one question i have for u. How in the hell do u have time to do all this? i am pretty sure u have a full time job. but bro way to go. keep it going. fernando

Hilal said...

Anon above: Thank you for the kind words. This masterpiece is yet another corker from Damith all credit should go to him. Yes I do work full time - Honestly I have no clue as to how I manage all this! Ha ha!

Damith S. said...

Hilal> Hes not an 'annon' at all. Hes clearly signed off as Fernando, unless its some Sri Lankan cuss word hes thrown at me that I dont know about.

Fernando> We can all hope for a better tomorrow. My anthrax laden letter should arrive at BigGays house soon.

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