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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dhostara White Heals All (4 day , 5 day courses available!)

Chucked by DamithS

A Guide For injured Sri Lankan cricketers.

Get sent to Australia to meet the ‘experts’.


Go through a heap of scans that are difficult to pronounce.


Do an operation (or two) in Australia.


If you are still not feeling better keep reading…

Wait for a call from the President.

Check (?)

Visit the president

Check (?)

Meet the presidents supernatural, spiritual, crazy, kind of disturbing healer.

Check (?)

Eat the grass, herbs, cucumber, exotic plants that can be only found in his ‘paaththiya’ amazon rain forest.

Check (?)

And soon you will be feeling better.

In 5 days.

You can make it 4 if you follow the four day course of treatment

You wont just be feeling better.

Oh no siree.

As someone put it

He(Malinga) did not just get better - he became better than ever. Today Lasith Malinga can run, bowl and ride a bicycle.

(Note-Things he was simply unable to do prior to meeting up with Dr.White the fakey healer)

So what are you waiting for.


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