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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Don’t worry; I won’t lose my head - Ajantha Mendis

"Talented batsmen learn quickly and correct their mistakes. I too should improve and find ways to beat them." - Mendis

Ranjan Paranavithana of Lakbima recently caught up with Ajantha Mendis.

In his interview he questions Mendis' mentality with this sudden rise to fame, the challenges he faced bowling to Dhoni & Company and his failures with the bat.

: What do you think about your journey in international cricket so far?

AM: I’m really happy. I didn’t expect it to be so successful. But I should say this; I’ve a long way to go.

LN: Players like MS Dhoni seems to have come to grips with your bowling. Don’t you agree?

AM: It should be like that. Talented batsmen learn quickly and correct their mistakes. I too should improve and find ways to beat them. But you can’t say that the Indian batsmen were their usual selves. They were very cautious.

LN: Some say you climbed up so quickly and that can spoil you. What do you think?

AM: I like to make this request to all including the media: please don’t expect too much from me. It can put me under immense pressure. I’m still new to this field. Don’t worry. I know how to use my head. I don’t run after money. My first place is for cricket. I’ll get everything if only I play well.

LN: Is it true that some English counties showed interest in you?

AM: Yes, Sussex, Surrey and Kent were interested in me. But I thought I should spend that month or so here and rest. A also need to work on my fitness.

LN: You have been short-listed for the emerging player’s award at the forthcoming ICC awards ceremony. How do you feel?

AM: I’ll be really happy if such an award come my way so soon.

LN: We know that you are a good batsman when it comes to inter-club tournaments. But you have failed to do much in international matches?

AM: Yes. I’ve failed with the bat. Ten or fifteen runs with the bat may come handy for your team. I’m working on my batting right now.

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