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Friday, September 19, 2008

SLC lifts ban on ICL players but...

Sri Lanka Cricket has lifted the previously imposed ban on players who took part in the Indian Cricket League (ICL).

The Indian Premier League which is the official 20Twenty tournament organised by the Indian Cricket board is the only T20 tournament to be recognised by the ICC in India - the privately operated ICL is yet to be approved as it does not have the blessing of the Indian board, it's rivals.

"We keep getting requests from private organisations for allowing them to organise events. ICC traditionally allows its members to run cricket. ICC does not interfere if a member board disciplines or does not discipline its players," Malcolm Speed was heard stating to the press in 2007.
In August of 2007 Sri Lanka Cricket decided to ban player's taking part in the ICL stating they were worried that player's would have issues maintaining two employers.

"It will be a problem if the players start going into different leagues and they can't have two employers," Mathivanan said speaking to AP in 2007.
Mathivanan the former secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket also went on record in 2007 to state that the ICC has asked individual national bodies to decide their own policies on the issue independently.

So it comes as no surprise that after much thought and with the ICL heading into it's second season that the board has decided to soften it's stance on the players involved. They now have the ability to represent their domestic teams within Sri Lanka however international cricket appears to be some distance away.

Why prohibit them from playing international cricket when the ICC has no issues with players representing the ICL.?

Since when was it illegal to represent a leaugue which stands as competition to a league organised by the Indian cricket board? Are players just out of luck if they aren't picked up by an IPL franchise? Do I hear you scream illegal monopoly!?

The second season of the ICL kicks off on the 10th of October 2008 players such as Russel Arnold, Marvan Atapattu, Avishka Gunewardena and Upul Chandana can be seen in action. Click here for the official ICL website.

By Hilal


Hilal said...

BCCI upset over Sri Lanka's lifting of ban on ICL players

New Delhi: The Indian cricket board is irked at its Sri Lankan counterpart's decision to allow rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL) players turn out for domestic tournaments and will take up the matter with the International Cricket Council (ICC), an official said.

The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) decision has surprised the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which was instrumental in persuading the other cricket boards to ban ICL players.

"We have come to know about it (lifting of ban). It is very strange. We have not spoken to the Sri Lankan cricket board till now. But will take up this issue with the ICC," BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah told IANS Friday.

SLC spokesman Shane Fernando said the decision to revoke the ban was taken at the interim committee meeting chaired by its chairman Arjuna Ranatunga in Colombo on Wednesday. However, the ban from international cricket will continue.

The decision comes close on the heels of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) banning 13 players for 10-years after they signed up with the ICL.

The previous interim committee of the SLC, led by Jayantha Dharmadasa, had imposed a total ban on all national cricketers playing the ICL tournament, preventing them from taking part in all forms of cricket and cricket related activities locally and internationally.

Source: Indo-Asian News Service

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you gents have still not posted your opinion on Mahela & Co putting money & IPL before country and opposing the English cricket tour.

Post planned or not, SLC is broke & this is exactly why IC wants to go ahead with this tour and if not for SLC, who would all these opposing stars be, only they would know. In spite, Mahela & Co are talking about money in stead of country. The Aussies, all of them, left IPL 1st edition, just after playing a few matches to attend a pre-tour camp two weeks ahead of departing to West Indies, while, our elite says they will retire than play for their country, which made them who they are, if SLC decides they have to play the English tour in stead of the ICL. Well I'd say to SLC, send a clear message to all cricketers, not just Mahela & Co, nothing is bigger then country and cricket. Tho not the way forward, bring back Marven as captain, now he can play, and its England, and, give him the best available side and see what happens. Mahela & Co always talk big about representing the country and playing quality test cricket. Talking is one thing but when SLC wants them most what do they opt for ?, MONEY, GLAMOUR, INDA & IPL !!!...

What do you think gents ? We look forward to your good opinions. You guys are an award nominated lot, cricket is your forte and no way you could avoid your say on this no matter how close Mahela & Co are to you.

Quadir ~ Singapore

Hilal said...

Ha ha! That was an entertaining read Quadir! Thank you for your input, I for one have not avoided the subject. I know nothing more than what the mainstream media has reported on the issue. I felt i should share my two cents worth once I had something interesting to add.

The player's have a valid point as well, it is not everyday Sri Lankan players get the chance to make what the IPL offers, it's hard to compare our lot with the more wealthy Australians. Having said that if you asked the players ahead of signing their IPL contracts if they chose country over money it would be country first.

SLC knew well ahead of time that the players were all involved in the IPL tourney during the signing of the MOU with the ECB - it's more a backstabbing move by the board than the players. Some compromise could have been reached if the players were consulted prior to signing the MOU.

Does that then make you wonder if someone within SLC has something against IPL and T20?

Damith S. said...

In fact Quadir, if you read this

You'll notice that MJ doesnt really want to play in all those 2020 competitions in any case.

He'd rather just play the one and focus more on international cricket.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Hilal for taking your time and at last letting us know your opinion. Cannot agree, but, nevertheless, as always, a very sensible one.

You are right when you say Mahela & Co cannot be compared with the wealthy Aussies or even for that matter the Indians. If Mahela & Co can win a series in Australia or India, ODIs or test, I would too say they are under paid compared to the Indians or the Aussies. Employers all over the world pay higher for how good you are. Endorsements is another thing, agree our boys are not privileged enough but that is not SLC concern.

'Asked the players ahead' excuse is like telling " yes I knew and was observing my mother was critically sick but had some one told me in advance the day she'd die, I would have been there for the funeral".

People running cricket in Sri Lanka are broke. We all know its not the current administration's fault and they are trying to do something about it by accepting a good offer. 'I hope' all that money will be spent to do what they do, maintain the current cricketer setup and spend on development for the future of Sri Lankan cricket.

We also know this tour was not a pre meditated plan, a random invitation that was accepted as another country pulled out. Does anybody suspect this is back stabbing the players or or someone has something against the IPL ('T20' can't be right ? they are just sending a team to come and see you guys in Canada for T20 and the lifting of the ICL ban, encouraging T20 to lesser privileged cricketers than Mahela & Co) NO. Why speculate when even the players have not said something like that. Fact is; an unexpected financial opportunity for Rs.200 million to run cricket in Sri Lanka to which the senior most cricketers due to their star power, maybe Indian connections and hunger for money are bold enough to openly say NO. Can they complain for money when they must be the richest and the most paid Sri Lankan cricketers ever (can understand if someone in Arjuna's generation complained. Highly under paid, hardly any sponsor's or none, no 20/20s and IPLs).

Hee.. I know what you are thinking and no I am not a fan of someone or Arjuna but when it's country over the rest, country first no matter what or who. If not Arjuna & Co should continue to be bold enough to take decisions that would make the stars think that way than thinking of Preity Zinta and the fun being paid to being around her (hee sorry ... that was to personal, apologise to Mahela & Co & you).

From my point of view, why do I feel so much ?, I just would love to see our boys playing a full side, a full tour, in England than watch the starts in IPL action. Nothing against no one, but what ever way you look at it, country first and if cant, be it fishing or the IPL, cricketers should be thought they are not untouchables. If only this current adminstration is in place by May, we will definitely see that and I am anxiously waiting to see how its all going to end, with or without negotiations.

Quadir ~ Singapore

Anonymous said...

MJ and KS say a lot Damith but when it comes to action, they just lost to India after England @ home after record breaking years is all we know. Their focus should be cricket and Sri Lankan cricket more than anything and before them is all I feel.

Damith S. said...

Annon2> I agree, MJ and KS talk a lot and write a lot and do all sorts to make it look like they care but its all to do with actions.

However, I havent noticed anything that would suggest they are not 100% committed to the SL cause internationally except this IPL business. I for one would love to see them pick the England tour over the IPL but as the England tour is the one that clashes with the IPL and not the other way around its kind of hard to be too upset

Anyway check out my latest post. All is not well in Banditown and dark forces are moving behind the scenes as it would appear !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Damith for your time, a well written 'Banditown' and for having a fare opinion. One thing tho, how can we say they are 100% committed to SL when even you agree the IPL business. The thing is, their commercial motives were never tested before and now that it is, their 100% commitment can be questioned by one and all and to me, they at this point are no different to the South African rebel tour cricketers, when it comes to money over country.

However, what I would like mate is for you to do an opinion poll on your readers like the 'All time Sri Lankan test XI' you did. Only this time the 'Best Sri Lankan squad of 15 for the English tour minus the 'no ! to England tour players', with a note that not all the IPL contracted players are opposed or can afford to say no to the tour.

Be interesting don't you think to get an input on what our next best team would be with so much talent being displayed now on the 'A" tour and our development squads & injured list of course. Can we handle KP and his boys at Lords without our cream ? kind of thing.

Quadir ~ Singapore

Anonymous said...

Many of you do not know the inner workings, commercial interest? Do you know the seniors in the team have been footing bills on tour for the youngsters? Meals and other expenses with no reimbursements? They need this additional income because SLC never pays on time and never pays enough.

Anonymous said...

Many of us don't know surely who spends for whom on tours but if that is the case then that is exaclty the reason why they shud go on this tour so the SLC has enough money to pay their cricketers on time. However, do take note, youngsters like Malinga, Maharoof & Kapugedera started building houses and buying cars long before the IPL & maybe they were saving their meal allowance too for their personal development knowing their i-ass have enough money in thier pockets playing for SL to spare an occassional guest meal. If you are trying to tell us SL crickters need IPL cause they cant even afford a tour meal or the seniors have to be charitable to buy meals for all, i'd say ... (ha ha u shud know what).

Anonymous said...

Modi Vs Ranatunga ~ by Hilal Suhaib

It will be interesting to see how all this will pan out. One would hope that for the sake of our sport, that Modi and the BCCI come back to the discussion table to bring some life into their defunct proposal. More...

Yo brother, well written. A more pragmatic opinion than it was with you in September. An opinion with plenty of input from all our comments here (entire blog, all comments), even the vocabulary. We invented through this blog words like Mafia, .. & Co are today even being used in the Lankan parliament and the sports writers in papers around. However, good work, sensibly said, that is what the saga is all about & glad it is understood. Keep it up, for the sake of national cricket.

Hilal said...

Anon above^^

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I didn't know it was on the Island!

Thanks for the continued support and input on the Blog. This reader base and our contributors will be moving forward together towards bigger and better things in the near future. I will keep you all posted!

Anonymous said...

Island publishing your writings without your consent (sigh) ? Can sue them. Gee so it is true under MR journalist are hiding hee.

Think this all started here, money vs country & its a good thing debate. Best of luck Hilal, for greater things ahead.

Damith S. said...

The Island stealing bloggers posts is a common thing.

I had my work stolen - the SL v Zim Preview from the Island from my blog over at the

I wrote to them and asked them to give credit and got them on the hop with some legal jargon.

They ran a correction 2 days later.

Dont let these people get away Hilal.

Also, I advice you to stick the creative commons copyright protection for your work.

Just google for it, You just need to add it on as a html widget here.

"The Cricketing Mafia" is a term I dropped first over at the flyslip and then here. I'll take credit for that one thank you :)

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