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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

South Africa unsure about Tri Series

Posted by Hilal of South Africa reports that the South African players have not received any information on this supposed Tri Series which was to include Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa later this month.

If this series fails to take place both Sri Lanka and Pakistan will suffer from the lack of international cricket this season.

The Proteas have heard nothing from Cricket SA although the news media in Pakistan have been reporting almost daily about the series that is supposed to take place in South Africa.

The BBC also reported that the South Africans had agreed, according to sources in Pakistan, in principle to the series.

It seems Pakistan wanted India to play in the competition, but when they pulled out, Sri Lanka took the third place.

The only reply from Cricket SA has been that they did not want to comment on series or tournaments that have not been confirmed.

Members of the SA team in England are not saying anything "on the record", but they don't make any secret of their reluctance to play in the proposed series.

They are coming to the end of a long tour and it has been clear lately that they are exhausted.

It has been said that the proposed series could be a major financial windfall. This could play a role in the administrators' thinking.


Anonymous said...

Oh..They should have agreed to the series.
otherwise it will be boring to spend these days. This is my vacation ha..ha..
Sri Lanka

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