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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ticket Sales Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20

Cricket fans hoping to attend the Canada Cup T20 tournament found themselves in total confusion today when Pakistani media reported that 50% of ticket sales were already sold out. The general public here in Toronto were left in the dark and as appalling as it seems the news had to arrive from Pakistan.

My mates over at SLCricket have informed me that ticket sales begin tomorrow the 1st of October. See flyer below for more information.
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By Hilal

A Video of the venue can be found here


Anonymous said...

I will be suprised if the tournament takes place. I wonder how King City will manage to come up with seating and 'digital scoreboards' ? The website "" doesn't offer information...personally think it's poorly organized and will reflect how poor Canadian Cricket is. A tournament in October will not be pleasing to watch considering the weather...I think it is a scam, but hope it happens.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the comments above. $40/ticket in October where no play may even be possible is a scam all right! No mention of refunds either?

Anonymous said...


Hilal said...

buy tickets online

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