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Monday, September 15, 2008

[Video] Ajantha Mendis 4/10 Vs India, 5th ODI 2008

There were numerous reports from the Indian press claiming the Indian batsman had unraveled the mystery of Mendis.

This video features action from the 5Th and final ODI from the IDEA Cup series. This was Yuvraj Singh's chance to prove that Mendis was not on top of him, to prove that Dhoni and Raina's cautious batting at the top didnt just mean caution but a total dominance of Mendis, it was not to be. Mendi's castled Yuvraj off his first ball and has claimed Yuvraj's wicket 4 times in all!

By Hilal


Hilal said...

Someone needs to tell umpire Gamini Silva to keep his head in line with the stumps, he has a habit of moving his head to the leg side on delivery and that is bound to muck up a lot of LBW decisions.

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