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Sunday, September 7, 2008

[Video] "Mendis is something special" - Murali

By Hilal

Tony Greig interviewed Muttiah Muralitharan for Ten sports during the recently concluded test series between India and Sri Lanka.

TG: Nothing has changed you got a smile on your face and now a bigger smile, you have someone at the other end bowling wonderfully well in Mendis, what a partner to have?

MM: Yeah definitely because I was lacking partners as a spinner, Vaas was helping for a long time but Mendis is something special. He has his mystery balls and people can't read him - so he gets a lot of wickets. It helps me and makes my job easier. I don't have to bowl forty or fifty overs, I can now bowl twenty three overs he can bowl thirty and get wickets. It will push my career on a little bit longer.

TG: The Indian batsman have struggled and you mentioned the mystery associated with Mendis - when the likes of Tendulkar and Ganguly get over the problem associated with the mystery aspect will he still be a good bowler?

Watch the video for Murali's response..


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