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Monday, September 22, 2008

[Video] The Venue - Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20

In little under two weeks Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Zimbabwe will descend on King City Ontario for The Canada Cup Four Nation 20/20 tourney. I drove down to King City in order to provide the readers of this blog with a first look at the venue.

The venue which was established in 1954 has not lost it's old-fashioned charm but will the facility have the the capability to handle such an event?

The Pakistani fan base have been starved of cricket since the Asia cup and the Sri Lankan fans look forward to the Lion's first official visit to Canada. A large turn out is guaranteed considering the fan base in Ontario alone, there is even talk of fans flying in from as far away as Florida.

17 days and counting Cricket Canada needs to pull it's socks up information on ticket sales and broadcasters are yet to be announced. No mention of the event has been made on the Cricket Canada website as of Monday the 22nd of September.

The fans find themselves in the dark as the event nears.

20/20 has the potential to boost interest in the sport within Canada, it however appears even this opportunity is squandered - the lack of publicity for an international sporting event is baffling.

All of the above can be rectified but not the weather; The locals rarely play cricket two weeks into October mid September generally draws an end to the year's cricket season here in Canada. Having said that the weather of late has been extremely unpredictable and one can never be certain of anything in these parts for cricket's sake let's hope for the best. Do expect bitter cold mornings ranging from 10°C - 15°C.

Sri Lanka face yet another selection crisis.

It bores me to death to write about yet another crisis at SLC having gotten over Hashan Tillekeratne's two day tenure as the team's manager we are now faced with more of Sports Minister Lokuge's antics. How often do you hear of a sports minister from Australia relaying information to the press when his own selector's are left in the dark?

Minsiter Lokuge claims the selection sheet for the Canada Cup was missing the name of the Team Manager and as a result he has rejected the selection. All this apparently has absolutely nothing to do with Indika De Saram protesting to the sport minister about his non-inclusion to the squad for Canada.

Why does Sri Lanka Cricket require the services of a selection committee when we have the sports minister deciding the squad?

By Hilal


Anonymous said...

lokuge is also considering a request from indika de saram,35, who has done well in domestic cricket.. but tell me, if a player isn't selected in any other country do they file a complaint demanding to be included in the squad? i find that disrespectful and it shows the selectors, who would've determined whose in the squad, are going to be overruled, and that this man can simply ask to be included in the senior national team for his country and actually be considered without the authorization of the selectors. sri lankan politics is a joke, the selectors are being ridiculed by dictators like lokuge and ranatunga, this is worse than the lack of cooperation in american politics

Gere said...

There are so many talented players in Australia and also in other not so dominant playing nations who have missed the chance, thats life. It shows the character of the man when he has to run to the sports minister. Jayasuriya never went to any minister or wrote letters despite what the media says. The ministers all contacted Sanath..

Dont be surprised this is normal even in our rugby there is anger over Lewke's appointment as captain...

Anonymous said...

is this an international venue?

cricket_guy said...

you're right hilal, the lack of promotion is embarrassing, I've been trying to find out information for my dad who is flying in to see the matches and there is such a lack of it, it is sad.

does anyone know if the sri lankan side will still come with all the conflicts they are having?

and does anyone know the cost of tickets to see the matches?? Or will there even be a cost at all??

cricket_guy said...

sorry, just saw your link for the prices, hopefully SL will still go.

Hilal said...


Yes the Sri Lankan team will be here for this tourney. Tickets are priced at a shocking $40 per game includes nothing but a seat, no food and beverage.

Anonymous said...

$40 per game?? Or per day??

Hilal said...

Sorry I meant per day, includes two games.

cricket_guy said...

ya, I couldn't believe how expensive the tickets were! things we do to see our team....

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