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Friday, September 5, 2008

[Video] 'We don't need to hide Mendis' - Mahela Jayawardena

Posted by Hilal

Himanshu Singhal spoke to Mahela Jayawardena recently for CNN-IBN. The video of the interview is located in two parts - part 1 can be found here & part 2 of the interview here.

CricketNext features the transcript of the interview in an article titled 'We don't need to hide Mendis' below is a few excerpts.

Himanshu Singhal: Ajantha Mendis is a huge discovery for the Sri Lankan team. What are the things that you will keep in mind as a captain when you handle Mendis, especially about over-exposure.

Mahela Jayawardne: Nothing like that. What you need to realise is that Murali has been there for us more than 15 years and we haven't tried to control Murali. We have just managed Murali and that's about it.

And the same will be done with Mendis depending on the number of overs he bowls. He is still young and we will just like to carry him through injury free.

When it comes to exposure, we are really not thinking about it. He has got his opportunity and we will play each and every game, touch wood, unless he is injured. There is nothing to hide.

He will be a good challenge for the opposition and it will be a good challenge for Mendis as well. It's just the start for him. He can improve and learn from each and every game he plays. It's great he has so many variations and by each time, he will get to learn how to use those variations.


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