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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ECB offers Bloomfield CC £500 to host Monty

England's Monty Panesar, hoping to fine tune his skills as a spinner, was scheduled to play club cricket in Sri Lanka.

The Sun reports of the paltry compensation offered to Bloomfield CC and how the deal has hit a road block.

Bloomfield president Upali Dharmadasa said: "We were going to sacrifice one of our players to accommodate Panesar so we told the ECB to compensate us with something so that the club and the player will benefit.

"Initially they came to us and said they would pay £500. - The sun

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By Hilal


Anonymous said...

ECB, YOU CANT BE SERIOUS. Try Bangladesh with £200

Anonymous said...

Don't think they can even get him a hospital bed for 2 days for that in London. Is that like the short time rate even for an escort there, or more ?... Flip side of the coin though, Bloomfield and JD had asked for 7,500 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Considering that a dominatrix charges more than that in London to give a good half hour beating to the backside of an old public school boy; £7500 for a month long play at Bloomfield is fully worth. At least I think so. Mind you, those who have had a good beating may think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

lol.. I think for us in AP its much more reasonable. We can get the beating FOC here but to recover, the hospital beds do cost a lot. 55,000 Rs a day to play for Bloomfield, they play with gold dusted balls or what ? is way to much. ECB should have approached NCC, think Wessels junior played a season for them for almost nothing. People running the club there are gents I presume.

Hilal said...

What's hilarious is that every other club in the world pays prominent players to play in their leagues and clubs. Sri Lanka charges people money. Bloomfield should have used this opportunity and the 500 pounds to encourage more youth to come watch Monty play and boost interest in our club cricket.

Anonymous said...

Actually whom do we pay in cricket ? if we are to go we are paid, if they are to come we are paid. How does the system work ? who has SLC paid like the ECB or BCCI is trying to pay us ?

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