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Monday, October 20, 2008

IPL gives SLC the finger

Sri Lanka's sports minister Gamini Lokuge and The Sri Lanka Cricketers' Association (SLCA) worked out a proposal which could bring in $70M over the next few years - in return the IPL would be guaranteed Sri Lankan representation for all it's T20 events. The deal if worked out would have put a definite end to Sri Lanka's 2009 tour to England and seriously jeopardised the ICC and it's International tours.

The move was criticised by David Morgan president of the International Cricket Council. Speaking to the Telegraph Morgan said that the deal was "quite unacceptable behaviour against the background of Sri Lanka's signed agreement with the ECB".

A four man team comprising SLC's CEO Duleep Mendis, Sidath Wettimuny, Greame Labrooy and S. Liyanagama have just returned from a meeting with Lalit Modi and other IPL officials in Bangkok. The IPL has not agreed to such a deal.

Shock?? Not!

The IPL's stance has always been one of International Cricket first and IPL second. Therefore it does not surprise me that this proposal failed. The IPL cannot afford to play a game of tug-o-war with the ICC. In order to function on the long term as a successful business entity the IPL requires every bit of support from the ICC and creating a rift in the cricket world would not be the way to go.

This is an eye opener to players considering IPL over international cricket. Any move on the part of these individuals to jeopardise international cricket by choosing IPL over national representation may result in an abrupt end to their careers leaving them with a less lucrative alternative. The IPL may consider terminating contracts of those who bring the IPL into disrepute -- Lalit Modi and crew would hate the IPL to appear as the death of Cricket. That is just not the kind of image you would want for any business. The IPL stands to gain more on the longer run with the ICC on it's side and the loss of 10 players would not harm it on the longer run.

by Hilal


Sachintha said...

I'm relieved.

Frank said...

One thing that was always associated with Sri Lanka cricket and the key factor to their success was humbleness and hard work. With money coming into the equation these guys are forgetting their roots to their success.

dimithrak said...

haha, nice article muchan. Glad this happened!. IN UR FACE LOKUGE!

Anonymous said...

I am sure hilal already know this. Cricketers agents get paid a percentage of the contracted fee. If anyone is pushing for IPL over Inter-nation cricket it is these player's agents.

Anonymous said...

Its all politics !
IPL demand apology from Arjuna;

Anonymous said...

Remove Ranatunga or no dollar deal

If this is the fact; Who's going to stand up in SL against this Indian colonialism, from our day to day life to cricket ? Or is the minster playing a double agent here along with his friends across the border to get rid of a common adversary ? Are there other hands who wants to run the SLC, working behind the scene ? Is the ICC, ECB, ICL, going to unite and standby AR to fight a common opponent ? Should AR play it by his heart or head ?... Some admire the decisions he makes, while some say he's got his politics wrong and really hates his audacity. While working on instinct is his best positive from his playing days, AR should understand he cannot be Napoleon at this level. Playing it smart with consensus is the only way forward while making sure he fights this crisis through to make sure Modi and his consorts don't get their way.

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