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Friday, October 17, 2008

Just fix it

For months we have been watching Sri Lankan cricket spiral out of control.

We heard the stories about the lack of money and so we begged India.

We then had the whole IPL v England tour saga. Lets not beat around the bush. The players need the money and they are were obviously going to pick that over playing for Sri Lanka which will pay them nothing.

It hurts for me to see that happen as a fan but that is the reality we live in.

Then we have Gamini Lokuge, brandishing his new found power and meddling in every single predicament facing SLC -- be it team selection , be it changing decisions made regarding the ICL players. You name it. His got his dirty fingers in every piece of the pie.

The ICL player dispute ensued. And now the final nail in the coffin has been knocked in.

Overturning Badureliyas demotion to Tier B has to be one of the gut churning decisions ever made. What has followed is chaos, 18 of the 20 clubs that play in the premier league are threatening to boycott the whole season. Rightfully so too, why should a team like Sri Lanka army fight neck and tooth and sweat it out not to get their deserved promotion.

Shouldn't Ajantha Mendis play in Tier A? This is a new low even by our standards.

Reasons regarding the decision are still sketchy.

I for one am sick to the stomach with all these side shows.

Stop mucking around and fix it. I dont care how, or who you need to bribe, bump off etc...

If we are to host international stars like Monty in our domestic game, is this the state our cricket should be in? Its a real shame and a dark day for Sri Lankan cricket.

Just fix it.

By Damith


Hilal said...

Badureliya according DM has withdrawn.

Signs of peace dawn as Badureliya withdraws

Anonymous said...

Hey you'll !, hope you guys had a ball of a week in Toronto. For the dedication to Sri Lankan cricket, that's all we ask for from the team and you guys deserve it more than many. It was a great sight, the whole atmosphere. For which ever part you played in it, well done!

Damith malli, agree and on the money. Do we want to be a part of the beggars or the money makers? Get smart, act now, put the interest of SL cricket before self, be it minister, chairman or captain and for god sake, stop dragging, finish the job, one by one or all together and move on.

IPL ?, good deal 40, 70 million $s or what ever. Take it & all SLC has to do is to assure in future no other commitment is taken during the IPL . If it’s that simple, deal done. England tour ?, have to honor it. If not SLC's character will be exposed, we virtually will look like beggars or is it hookers, even with the IPL money. Adjust the dates; send the best side available while trying to accommodate the IPL big boys to the max possible. If it’s that simple, job done. Is there an answer to the sports minister or politics being a part of SL cricket. No lah, cannot, didn’t happen even under Ranil I think. That’s how we do things in SL. Where don’t they poke their finger in ?, funerals, weddings, why even girl’s attaining age ( don’t go there, I mean not poking the finger) they have to play a part & make a speech. However, we are lucky Mervin ayya is not the sports minister still. He might make Lal the manager, hee. Anyhow, the way to go, just tactfully get the blessing of the minister in the decision making process and hold him high, pretend he is a mentor or something if necessary, for the sake of SL cricket and get the job done like Damith says. Sometimes good things happen through politics like getting back Sana for the last English tour. ICL ?, we hope ICC very soon will come up with something reasonable. SLC alone cannot do it anymore. Modi, I am sure will only pay us with all those neeti reeti for Marvan & Co., included and accepted. Finally the Badureliya thing. Hilal is right, it’s over but how unnecessary and unfair was that. For a single vote, to change rules, cheap stuff and that's not putting Sri Lankan cricket first. Jayasekara & Halangoda did the right thing first and the clubs followed it up and the protest was peaceful but successful. That's the spirit, have to fight it out sometimes, file closed. So, actually, they (SLC and the minister) have nothing much remaining to do really cause the others are doing it for them and all they need to do is accept, manage and get on with it.

By the way Hilal, I am still to congratulate you on your work. Excellent stuff bro, great collection, you keep us going, I don’t know how, with something new almost everyday. To me, your page is my you tube for Sri Lankan cricket. Matched by none, not even by the major tubes and pipes. My home for Sri Lankan cricket videos without a doubt. Happy for you !

To conclude, in Singapore, Lanka Lions, a club formed two years ago in protest of discrimination against Sri Lankan players by a few local (2nd 3rd generation Ceylonese) clubs for whom they played, won the division one national league this year. We have some excellent talent who are residents and then there are quality imports like Arnold, Avishka and a few others who come and go. End of the day, it’s a great achievement locally. Thought should share. Cheers !, talk to you’ll soon. Damith malli keep the fire going, its nice to feel the pure passion.

Quadir ~ Singapore

Damith S. said...

Hilal> What do you mean Badureliya has withdrawn ? From Tier A ? Mighty big of them since they shouldnt be there in the first place.

Quadir>Ya pure raw passion is what Im about lol!
Ps, Im in Singapore too. Perhaps we should meet up one day ?

Anonymous said...

Yo I am stumped but how nice. Are you with NUS & the Lions ?

Damith S. said...

No I am working here bro.
Just drop me a mail at

Thats a real account btw. True story.

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