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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lasith Malinga receives contract for 2008

The Sunday Times reports that Lasith malinga has finally been offered a contract for 2008. The contract is to be back dated which means Malinga will be duly compensated for this year.

At a recent Interim Committee meeting however it was decided to back date the contract and take Malinga into the fold with the grade II contract to the value of $60,000.

Originally Malinga was overlooked for the full contract as a result of a SLC heavyweight being against him being included in the list. - Sunday Times

by Hilal


Anonymous said...

Should this man be writing about cricket if he can't get his facts right of even such a historical game. Says "The pinnacle of his career was his four wickets in a single over against South Africa < which brought Sri Lanka a very unlikely victory in a World Cup tie > in the West Indies last year." ?.. must have been dope by then.

Thanks Hilal for the lovely picture. Was it taken in Canada, ah you'll have 3 wheelers there too?.. Bottom line, the Slinga is worth every cent, can't wait to see him in action. Wish him all the best and hope he comes back with his deadly best or better.

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