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Thursday, October 16, 2008

[Video] Sanath Jayasuriya 40(34) Vs Pakistan T20 Canada 2008

Cometh the hour cometh the man. 39 year old Sanath yet again sets the stage up for an important victory.

This was yet another Jayasuriya Vs Akthar confrontation -- Shoaib Akthar hit Sanath Jayasuriya on the helmet with a delivery clocking 142 KM/H, bruising Sanath's upper lip. Jayasuriya's response was typical, he finished Akthar's over with back to back sixes. One was off the tournament's fastest delivery.

The history between the two has taken a similar course, Shoaib has always attempted to knock Sanath off with speed and Sanath uses that speed to his advantage with well timed flicks and late cuts.

During the inaugural IPL season Sanath carved Akthar for 23 runs in an over. As much as I would like to highlight this moment with a video The Indian Premier League however does not appreciate free promotion of their event and as a result they have removed all videos of this event from video hosts such as YouTube and Google Video citing copyright infringement. One cannot hope to ban or shut down every cricket fan in the world -- I did come across the video I had originally edited (prior to being informed of copyright issues,) it can be found here.

by Hilal


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