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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cricinfo's website management contract in Sri Lanka will not be renewed

Sri Lanka Cricket has chosen not to renew Cricinfo's website management contract in Sri Lanka. The contract is to be handed over to PixelTray which is a subsidiary of the Maharaja Group. It is rumoured that Arjuna Ranatunga chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket's interim committee has close ties with the Maharaja Group.

Cricinfo managed a database of over 400 players in Sri Lanka and provided live scorecards and ball by ball coverage of Sri Lanka's premier league tournament.

By Hilal

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Anonymous said...

arajuna is an idiot for not renewing the contract. major mistake from all angles. he should let personal reasons effect his business decisions

Anonymous said...

Arjuna is making series of serious stupid mistakes. I do not know what will this ultimately lead to. People all around the world go to crickinfo to get latest cricket related news. Who will go to this SLC website. Arjuna`s judgement is clouded by his groudges.

Anonymous said...

Good move. What kind of a page do we have in Cricinfo. Go now, see how back dated the articles are and where on earth are our pictures. Two new pictures every month he thought would do it. Charlie Austin has only focused on his tourism business with Mrs. MJ since SLC started their alliance with cricinfo. The worst country page available on the internet. I applaud the boldness in this decision and it's not AR who is the idiot but it was Charlie who was, right through out. Go now to the page and see for your self. Hilal should have got it more than anyone; I mean it.

Hilal said...

Some of you may not be aware of the cost and the technical requirements behind managing player databases and providing ball by ball coverage. There is more to the services Cricinfo offered than articles and photos.

Anonymous said...

One database admin, rest fully automated, cost for the initial infrastructure setup, maintaining databases are nothing Hilal but being up to date is what a webpage is all about and I am sure PixtelTray will definitely do a better job while being more Sri Lankan. Databases people browse when necessary but what does everyone comes for really, updated front page, new articles, new pictures and views about current issues. Charlie Austin to me was absolutely bull shitting the last two years, 200% deserves to go.

Anonymous said...

How can we make a judgement without knowing the finer details of the contract... Maybe the SLC site will still be on cricinfo..just managed by someone else.. like the cricket australia baggy green one. :D - Dasith

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