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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mahela wins a game with his brain

Yesterday's game could have gone horribly wrong for Sri Lanka. It didn’t.

If anyone deserves a pat on the back for the that tantalizing win it should be Mahela.

10 to win off the last over.

Mahela calls up Thilan Thushara and hands him the ball. I watched Mahelas body language at this point, wondering what was going through his mind. With So much drama back home with the media, Arjuna and his players. Here he was, stuck in a country where he probably didn't want to be in. Playing a team he probably dint want to be playing. Getting out for 4 against bowlers he could probably play in his sleep.

His team was about to lose to the lowest ranked team in international cricket. And he was about to make a calamitous mistake.

I watched him put the ball in Thilans hand. Talk to him about field placings and from his gestures I could see he was thinking the same thing I was.

The Zimbabweans were flashing their bats at everything, with the added pace there was a big chance of someone getting an edge behind the keeper that went for four.

So he did what any good captain would do, he asked himself that all important question that will now be the yardstick for every captain in international cricket

“What would Ricky Ponting do?”.

Mahela went into that zombie pose of his. You know the one, where he stares at the ground like his trying to do a long division sum.

He got his answer. Ponting would bowl Thilan. Of course the trick to the question is, once you know what Ponting would do, you do the exact opposite.

Murali had an over in hand, Mahela changed his mind and threw the ball to him

Sri Lanka win by 5 runs.

Decisions like those change games. Its good to know that Mahelas head is still grounded and is thinking clearly.

by DamithS


Gayan said...

Very true I accept what u said. Because I was watching the match let me tell you those stump mic was very clear I heard every bit of that conv: between mahela and sanga.
Mahela actually convinced sanga when he said "the batsmen will play the paddle sweep to fast bowler but if they want to score against murali they have to take a chance. Let them take that chance! "
And that was it.

but if for some reason sri lanka lose that match. I WILL BLAME ON OUR 2 OPENING BATSMAN NOBODY ELSE. It's clearly evidential both of those players playing for their spot on the team not for the country. Especially when it was only 5 over power play match they were playing test cricket and let zim: bowlers to get on top.


Anonymous said...

well i agree with the article, but what is this comparing mahela to ricky ponting? if u have a good cricketing brain like mahela does, you do not need to follow ricky ponting. They are both good captains but look at what ponting has to deal with compared to mahela. All australians have to do is play cricket while sri lankan players need to go through all the drama that goes beyond the cricketing world. So more credit goes to Mahela for all the effort. eventhough we are playing a weak team.

Damith S. said...

Gayan > Thanks mate. I was actually watching the game online, and unfortunately my speaker was busted so I never heard anything :(

Annon> Its not a comparison, I was referring to Pontings lack of intent in winning that last test vs India when he mad for an hour and lost Australia the game.

Every captains Motto from thereon-
"When in doubt, do exactly the opposite of what Ricky would"

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vijitha said...

Should Sri Lanka Play Two Tests in India if Engand Refuse to do so.

This comment is not related to the above article. AS it seems that England will not be back for the test series, it would be a good move in part of SLC to extend olive branch to BCCI and and play those two tests in india if BCCI is ok with it ( I think that our calander is free in this duration). It will help iron out issues with the BCCI. It will show our solidariy against terrorism(which is importent to us). It will bring much needed cash to our board. I hope Arjuna would think about this if he has farsight.

Anonymous said...

We cricket loving public have to be more sensible in our judgements. Not for a minute did Mahela win this match for us for god sake, nor the other three. #1, what has his contribution been with the bat against the minnows ??. Average of just over six in four games. Both these guys, MJ and KS, are supposed win matches on thier won with their batting more than anything now. They are the senior dupers in the side & they have to show their seniority with responsibility while playing than trying to fox the SLC. If they cant win matches on their own against ZIM, should we say they won it with just a mere coin tosses like this. Comeon guys, Thanks to the bowlers, specially Mendis and Murali, we can keep our heads just above the collar, that too, yantang goda, last two matches. Please dont give unnecessary credit for the undue. Winning a game with his brain ??? my foot he won it with his brain. His brain is all over the place, if he does not get his focus back on cricket, these are the only kind of compliments he will get.

Anonymous said...

After loosing to Ind & Eng at home & breaking age old records, Mahela and Co re-wrote record books again today; Sri Lanka's lowest score against Zimbabwe. Their previous worst being 153 in Sharjah in 1997, where they lost by 50 runs.... Let purely hope on the bowlers than Mahela's head to win us the match & save us from humiliation.

Anonymous said...

It is Experience than any thing else. Can u guys remember he made the mistake by giving the last over to Vass in the West Indies Tour? Chandrapaul took 10 runs for his last 2 balls 2 win da match

Anonymous said...

Gayan> life is alot harder as an opener than a batsmen like Mahela at number 4 or Sanga at 3
recently Sanga was promoted to open the batting and he did not score. So before you blame the openers for playing badly in this instants and judge them as being selfish consider how hard it is to play as an opener

Anonymous said...

damith..ur article sux as usual!

Damith S. said...

Annon> Thanks for the tip, Id thank you personally but since you were too shy to leave your name...

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