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Saturday, November 15, 2008

'We were given assurances that no tours would be added to Sri Lanka’s FTP that would clash with dates for the IPL' - Mahela

In a letter to The Island publication Mahela Jayawardena reveals that SLC had assured the players tours outside of the ICC's Future Tours Program will be scheduled in a manner that it will not clash with the 2009 and 2010 seasons of the Indian Premier League.

We had a meeting on 12 June, weeks before the ECB offered an England tour, with SLC Chairman, Chief Executive, Interim Committee members, SLCA representatives and several senior members of the Sri Lanka National squad in which we openly discussed our three-year IPL contracts and were give assurances that no future tours would be added to Sri Lanka’s Future Tours Program (FTP) that would clash with dates for the IPL in 2009 and 2010. At the same meeting, the players also committed to playing over 75% of the Provincial Cricket and also accepting a central contract salary freeze in lieu of our availability for the IPL. - The Island

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Anonymous said...

There is always two sides of the story. I am glad Mahela spoke out on behalf of the players.

Anonymous said...

There is no two sides when it comes to country over money mr mj. Country first, money next (take it all). If not retire and commit your self to IPL and let team Sri Lanka get on with their FTPs uninterrupted because of you money hungry idots.

Gaveen said...

There's no argument that country should come first, but something tells me the country and money isn't the whole story in this case.

Everyone knew about the IPL and that players had 3 year contracts. Suddenly the England tour is announced, and Arjuna goes public lashing the players about getting the priorities correct, and not just once.

I'm not forgetting that England was one team who came to Sri Lanka for 1996 World Cup when Aussies and West Indies stepped down stating security reasons. It's be nice to help them out, but not at the cost of straining the SL Cricket and having conflicts among players and officials.

As great as the Cricketer / captain as Arjuna is, I can't simply forget that he ignited more than one controversies from his words. I'm not speculating anything, just that it'd be nice to solve this clean without creating much of a fuss.

I'd hate to see the history repeat in this case, where the power and politics (not necessarily "politics" politics) cause a fall when the SL was doing good in the field.

Purohitha said...

Reasonable SL cricket fans do not blame the cricketers (MJ,KS,Sj,MM etc etc)for the present position. AR created this situation disregarding commitments that players had entered. If SL cricket has wasted billions they had, then Arjuna should ask for an official inquiry to find the culprits. We know the cricketers are patriotic, they must also earn money with their talents for now for the future. Aware of their patriotism I want be surprised if they were to make substantial contributions to API VENUWEN API. That should shut most of the critics. Purohitha

Anonymous said...

Well said Purohitha. I am sure they will donate big sums to Api wnuwen Api. If they do I will post the amount

Anonymous said...

"I won't be surprised if they were to make substaintial contributions to API VENUWEN API"

LMAO,Purohitha, what do you think they already are doing? They are trying to find a way towards their own "API WENUWEN API".

Whatever the problem MJ and the rest had/have with Arjuna/SLC board etc., personally I have no respect for bunch of Crickerters who are will turn their back to the country. That is precisely what MJ (and the rest) trying to do. But in the process, they still want the public to "adore" them too.

Damith S. said...

Enough ! Bring on Zimbabwe, Lets thrash them 5-0

Let Upul and the youngsters get runs.

Let Ajatha get wickets.

Let Dammika and TT send some Zimbabweans to the hospital.

Lets play ball and forget this business.

Im sick of it !

Anonymous said...

Rain (god) saved us and the embarrassment, Zim "A" got a fully loaded us all out for 235 ?? After making history by loosing to England and India at home, are the big talkers about make history again. If MJ and Co have forgotten their current ODI ICC rankings (not IPL rankings) they are only juuuuust ahead of the losers but with anything less than a 5-0, you know where we are heading.

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