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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If I was a Sri Lankan bowler...

I would be pissed as hell.

Alarm goes off. Wake up in a hotel room in Zimbabwe.
Brush your teeth, take a piss a dump and a shower. Throw in a wank.

Its game day.

Make your way down to the lobby, eat the nutritious garbage they feed you, when all you wanna eat is some rice and pol Sambol.

Hop on the bus. Listen to the ipod.

Its hot and all you want is an ice bath.

Instead, you are being asked to warm up, its Zimbabwe for Christ sake.

Mahela goes out for the toss, he wins. You are happy. Put the legs up and take a snooze.

Read a magazine, check the email.

Someones sent you some female actor's nude pics.
You are very happy.

An hour later you are scrambling to find your pads and end up walking out without your box and your gloves.

There's 20 overs to go and you are being asked to play a long innings.

You are pissed as hell, cuz you know in another hour you gotta come out and defend this and win the game.

This isn't what you signed up for.

This isn't what we talked about in the team meeting.

In the end you just wish this was played in India,

At least then you can ride that bike you get for Man of the Match back to the hotel.

by DamithS


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