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Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Nuwan ...

Nuwan is a bit weird.

He's too skinny and short to be a fast bowler.

He has literally no pace.

But somehow he's gone and picked up 36 wickets at 23 in the last couple of years.

You shorten that to a year and its down to 20.

Nuwan hasn't got a lot to work with, but he makes what he does have count.

Line and length.

A bit of movement and skids the thing at a decent rate.

That skiddyness about his bowling is what gets him his wickets. Batsmen dont know whats hit them, its like being in with Ali, you're knocked out flat, but you don't know how you got there.

This is a kid who knows his game. He is not a Wasim Akram or a Glenn Mcgrath. But he uses the two things that made them great.


When he first checked into the team, I din't think much of him.

But he's proved his worth, buy doing the yards and getting wickets.

Against Zimbabwe, he won us a game that we were going to loose.

2 in 2 and the game swung for Sri Lanka.

Thats the other thing about him. He's one of those kids who just wont give up.

He ran in hard and nipped in a beauty and then outfoxed the next guy in with a clever mix of pace.

Then he smiled.

That smile that only a Sri Lankan can produce after getting a wicket.

by Damiths


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